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5 tips to get cool gifts for your entire family this holiday season

Hearing the word ‘holiday’ often triggers two entirely different mindsets. The first -relaxation, joy, feasting, family and gift giving. The second – stress, panic,expense, work and gift giving.

Many of us procrastinate on our festive shopping until the very last minute which leaves little time to ponder the best gifts for loved ones. During these moments of panic it’s very easy to spend a lot of money on gifts that aren’t necessarily amazing which will only be seen once on the big day.

So what do you buy for all your family and friends? What do you get for the tricky ones who always claim they don’t want any gifts? What about the friend you don’t see that often? And how do you do it on the cheap?

We’re all prone to these mind-spinning questions at this time of year but luckily there are cool guides like things for 5 dollars that will help you find the perfect gift without breaking the bank.

Luckily for you, we’ve already done the hard work this year and know exactly what your nearest and dearest will love most this Christmas.

Here’s five tips to get cool gifts for your entire family this holiday season.

1. Go for sweet treats and savory snacks

We’ve all got one family member who, no matter how hard you try, will always dislike their Christmas presents. If you’re drawing another complete blank this year,then the best way to go is food.

Everyone has some sort of food that they love, whether they are a budding chef who would love a new spice rack, an elderly relative who enjoys a good biscuit to dunk in a hot drink or a child who adores candyfloss; there really is something for everyone.

The great news is that this often comes cheap, too, with food goodies available in all different sizes and prices.

A good way to go for someone you don’t wish to spend a lot on is a simple foodie gift that you’ve personalized.

Giant cookies or chocolates with the names of loved ones are always a good way to go.You could even scribe a cute festive message yourself that will show them how much you love and appreciate them.

2. Go for customized clothing that can be worn all year round

If you’ve ever taken part in a race, a work competition or even a boozy bachelor party, you’ll know the difference a personalized t shirt makes.

The great thing about custom apparel is that it doesn’t just have to be tailored to one day, which means buying a custom item for someone during the festive period won’t be thrown away come January.

T-shirts, jumpers and hoodies can all be made to wear year-round for a lifetime with a message your loved ones will adore. Think Mean Girls all in pink, but with a little less cheese.

The great thing is that these clothing items can be made in big batches for an entire family, or can each be separately customized just as easily for an even more personalized approach. You only have to choose the clothing, pick a color and write a message and just like that, your work is done.

Custom apparel isn’t going anywhere quickly, either. Codrin Arsene, CEO at Digital Authority Partners, one of Chicago’s premier digital agencies has said it’s a great way to create team spirit. He said: “Custom apparel visually fosters a feeling of belonging. Like when we have company outings at a local bar or restaurant. Everyone else looks different, but a specific group stands out. Despite differences in apparel type, we all look like we’re part of the same team. Because we are. Custom apparel expresses that feeling of being together in a very visual and distinctive way.”

This doesn’t only work for businesses, you can create a sense of belonging in your own family with a good personalized tshirt.

3. Consider buying an experience, rather than a gift

Many people nowadays love to spend money on memories rather than material possessions.

By buying a loved one a getaway, whether in the form of a simple spa outing or a classic car driving experience, you’re not only getting something uniquely targeted to them but something they will remember forever.

The ideas are endless and right at your fingertips. If you want to buy something cheaper than the experience itself, consider buying the chosen person an item with a trip in mind. For example, buy a new ski jacket for someone who loves the slopes with a tag saying ‘for your next trip’.It’s the thought and personal touch that counts the most.

4. Use your memories together as a starting point

The best thing about the festive period is spending time with one another, and if you’ve had many years of Christmas with your loved ones, chances are you have many years of memories from the time in between.

Having a good think back will give you loads of great ideas of exactly the kind of gift that person would want, whether its a joke present from a funny moment together or something special that you are both fond of.

Chances are, whoever receives this gift will love it for the thought, and it doesn’t need to cost the world.

5. Create custom gifts with photos you both love

Photos are the one thing other than our memories that hold our pastimes together, and despite so many kept on smartphones now, there’s nothing better than a printed photo.

Choose your favorite photos and frame them for friends and family as a cheap yet heartwarming present. You can create photo snow globes, albums and even photo tiles for an added quirk. If you really want to go the extra mile, you could even find a website that makes custom phone cases using some of your favourite photos.

If you’re crafty, a collage is an even better creation to consider. Don’t forget you can also get custom apparel with photos, which is a brilliant choice for Christmas Day attire! To go the extra mile, why not take your loved ones’ favorite photo of themselves and Design Your Own Bobbleheads? This will certainly get a chuckle from whoever receives the gift, and the effort to make a personalized gift will definitely be appreciated.

Adding a message to these gifts will add yet another special touch. Consider handwriting a note on the back of a photo frame or even getting a message printed across a jumper to spread festive cheer this year.


  • Lauryn R

    These are such great tips for getting gifts for you family! I love the idea of making memories and getting things that they will actually use that will last awhile. I also love personalized gifts, they are so special to give (and receive)!

  • MD Kennedy

    I have found that experiences are SUPER popular with every age for Christmas. My family’s faves are spa gift certificates and VR or flying experiences.

  • Debbie P

    Thank you so much for the info and great tips. There are always a couple people that I know that are impossible to shop for. Thanks.

  • Kristi Friesen

    I really love the idea of buying personalized clothing or an experience. People will remember those types of gifts more so I think.

  • Paula Ball

    I make a list a few months before Christmas with names & type of gift I want to give & go from there. This year everything is hand made, mason jar lamps & journals. I have a toddler great grandson & he’s getting a sensory/colors handmade book. Now I hope non of them find this blog!!

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