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How To Manage When Your Partner Is In Jail

If your partner finds themselves having to spend any period of time in jail, it can be highly traumatic for all. This is not something that you ever envision happening so it can be hard to know how to manage this difficult period. You will want to support your partner and do every-thing that you can to help, but you must also manage your life and pick up responsibilities at home, which can create a great deal of stress and worry. There are a few tips which should help you to manage this experience and make it easier for all parties.

Try To Remain Calm

This is, of course, an extremely upsetting and difficult time, but you must try to remain calm and stay strong for your partner and family. Think about what you want to say to your children and to be truthful.

Post Bail

If they have been arrested but have not yet had a hearing, then you may be able to get them out of jail by posting bail. You will want to find a bail bond agent in your area, such as bail bonds in Deland. This will allow your partner to leave jail but you must make sure that they attend all court hearings following this, and there may be other terms of their release, such as not being able to leave the state. Your partner may be lucky enough to be granted an own recognizance release, where bail money is not required due to the belief that your partner will return to stand trial. This is not always the case and many people still advise you to seek help from someone who is familiar with these procedures and can help you through each step of the process. Ultimately, it is up to you how you go about tackling bail for your partner. There are a lot of resources out there such as this bail bonds company directory that can help you to determine your next steps but above all, be prepared to do plenty of research to find the right solution for you and your partner.

Make A Plan

There are many emotions to deal with during this difficult time, but you must also think about practical aspects too. You need to think about your budget and how you will manage while they are in jail, looking after the kids, housework, etc. During this time, you should turn to your support network and do not shy away from asking for help.

Decide On Visitation

You should also make a plan for visitation as most jails have a limit as to how often you can vis-it. You also need to consider whether or not it is a good idea for the children to come and this will spend on a few different factors. You also need to learn the rules of visitation beforehand so that you know what to expect.

Look After Yourself

This is a difficult time, and you need to make sure that you look after yourself. You will be so worried about your partner and your kids that it can be easy to neglect yourself but this could lead to further issues. Make sure that you are finding ways to relax, leading a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a routine, and getting enough sleep each night. If you are finding it all too much, then you could look to a counselor as it can be helpful to speak to a professional and someone who is not involved in the situation.

Seeing a loved one have to spend any period of time in jail can be incredibly upsetting for eve-ryone. While there is nothing that you can do, which will fix the situation entirely, the above tips should help you to manage the time slightly easier and be prepared for the road ahead.

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  • Ashley Chassereau Parks

    These are great tips. I can imagine having a loved one in jail would be very stressful and traumatic. I sure hope that never happens to any one I am close to.

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