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How To Make The Most Of London In The Summer

If you’re planning a vacation this summer to visit London, you may be worried about the infamous British weather. However, fear not; London enjoys just as warm and balmy a summer as any other European country. Of course, you may be unlucky to encounter rain just like many other countries, but if you do, there is still plenty to do. You’ll find free exhibits, beautiful open spaces, and iconic historical spots to take plenty of Instagram shots of.

Enjoy free attractions

You don’t necessarily have to shell out every time you go to an attraction in London. Of course, you should go to their big-hitters such as London Dungeon, the Tower of London, and Madame Tussauds. However, if you are planning on spending plenty of time in the Big Smoke, you may want to slot in some free exhibits. The Tate Modern always runs plenty of free intriguing exhibitions, all of which create plenty of conversation. Even if you don’t want to shell out on a full exhibition, their gift shop has plenty of unique souvenirs.

Enjoy food in the park

Getting food-to-go will help keep your budget healthy during your trip, and help you to enjoy some of London’s most beautiful parks. You can enjoy the grandiose views of Regent’s Park while eating a picnic with your family or love-ones. For example, you could enjoy some classic Chinese takeaway in the form of Ned’s Noodle Bar London, and all in the form of an iconic takeout box.

Find quirkier options

London has so much on offer that it may be worth your time to look for activities that aren’t the most popular. Sometimes there is fun to be had outside of the biggest tourist magnets. After all, there is no guarantee that, just because it’s famous or busy, you will actually enjoy yourself. Doing a bit of digging for lesser-known galleries or attractions could find you something unique, and maybe even quite exclusive. Websites such as Time Out constantly list new and exciting attractions, both big and small. You can also apply this logic to the hotel choices, opting for boutique hotels kensington area over the big brands for a more bespoke experience.

Walk when you can

If you want to discover something on a whim while you’re in London, the best way to do this is by walking when you can. Of course, if you are in Moorgate and need to get to South Kensington, you are better off catching the tube. However, use the busier rush-hour times as an excuse to walk to closer venues. Not only can you enjoy the sights of this historic city, but you might just find something new. Apps like Google Maps or Citymapper are perfect for navigating yourself around a city you’re not entirely familiar with on foot. 

In order to make the most of London, it’s a good idea to cast your net wide. While major attractions are perfectly entertaining, looking a little deeper into what London has to offer is the best way to discover new and exciting sites in London, and find great places to enjoy the view.

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