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Top 5 Food Trips to Take (if Money Is No Issue)!

Listen, everyone’s succumbed to a bowl of instant ramen at least once, because it’s both cheap and filling, but for the true gastronomic experiences, the ones you’ll be dreaming (and drooling) about for years after, you’re going to have to dish out a bit of money.

You could save up for these trips over a long period of time, or you could get lucky winning the Powerball lottery (don’t worry, there are tools to help you win at this site!). However you get your money, these are the 5 most palatable, priciest destinations in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

From the sushi at Jiro (which you may’ve seen a Netflix documentary about) to the high-end, high-priced restaurants specializing in yakitori, tempura, kaiseki and other traditional foods, Tokyo is all about specialization and quality. These restaurants are often presided over by a master craftsman, someone who’s been making this food for decades, and the high prices of these meals reflect that craftsmanship. Tokyo isn’t cheap on the best of days, but if you hope to dine at the best you better start buying your Powerball tickets now.

Bologna, Italy

Home of the ragu Bolognese, and right next door to both Parma – of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma fame – and Modena – home to Osteria Francescana, one of the world’s best restaurants – Bologna is pretty much the most perfectly situated food destination. Try the lasagna Bolognese – it’ll have you shouting Mama Mia at the top of your voice.

New York, USA

This food tour is expensive not because of the food you’ll find here (although, admittedly, the food can be quite pricey), but the sheer price of being in New York. Even if you were to only eat Brooklyn style pizza, which wouldn’t be the worst thing, you’d still be dropping thousands of dollars for the hotel at the end of the night.

Seville, Spain

Take a Jamon Iberico tour in Seville, Spain, and learn what all the fuss is about. Jamon Iberico, a ham made from the Black Iberian pigs who forage on hazelnuts and roam free about the verdant countryside, is renowned around the world as the best ham. But with that designation comes a high price – a leg of the stuff sells to restaurants for over 3,000 dollars, which means you’ll be paying a lot more than that.

Patagonia, Argentina

Marked by the stark Andes mountain range, rolling desserts and grasslands and flanked by two oceans, Patagonia is a remarkably diverse terra, one that’s given birth to a satisfying, rich cuisine. Based around barbecued meat primarily, the Gaucho cuisine (Gaucho meaning “cowboy”) is both elemental and refined, and you’ll find it done impeccably at Francis Mallman’s 1884 restaurant in Mendoza.

These 5 destinations are the absolute peak of what the world has to offer in terms of culinary delight, whether that’s rugged or refined, city or countryside. Start buying up those Powerball tickets now, because you have to try these places!


  • Dorothy Boucher

    WOW!! You sure know how to make a woman hungry. If money was no object I would definitely be visiting all of these place, the food looks delicious!

  • Cindy Kuykendall

    WOW I am on board if I had the money to travel. These meals sound so #delicioslysavvy that my tummy is rumbling. They sure sound better than what I am eating right now. Check them out!

  • Lauryn R

    I would absolutely love to visit all of these places, hopefully someday! All of the food looks delicious, thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  • gloria patterson

    I’m dreaming I’m rich and taking a trip. Would love to try each and every one of these except no raw fish for me.

  • Vickie L Couturier

    wow,,that does look so good,,but money is a big object for me,so i know i wont be eating any of these soon

  • Denise Low

    They all look delicious. I would love to travel and spend and buy anything that I would want.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This sounds like some great food. Unfortunately we are on a strict budget. I hope those that are able to enjoy it take advantage. Thank you so much for sharing this great article

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