Savvy Money Saving Tips

Savvy Tips for Saving Money on Your Home Move

Moving to a new house is expensive. If you are renting, you first need to save a deposit and make sure you can afford the rent. If you are buying, of course, the initial costs are much greater as you’ll need a hefty deposit. After that, though you may find that your mortgage repayments are significantly cheaper than rental costs for a similar house in the same location and you’ll at least take pleasure knowing that you are paying something off, instead of just paying to borrow a house. But, on top of these costs, there is the cost of moving itself which can be much higher than you might expect. Let’s take a look at some savvy ways to save.


Hire Movers

Many people think they are saving money by avoiding hiring help and doing their move themselves. If you happen to own a van and are very strong and incredibly careful, this may be true. However, maybe its not such a good idea if you’re planning on relocating somewhere much further away from where you currently are. This is when it would be a good move to hire some long distance movers to help you out. But anyways, for everyone else, paying an upfront cost to hire mybekins movers can actually save money. Not to mention making the moving day much easier and less stressful.

If you do it yourself, you may need to hire a van for at least one day, and you risk things going wrong. If you move yourself and something gets damaged or broken, you’ll have to pay for a repair or replacement. Using a removal team means things are much less likely to get broken, and if they do the removal company will have insurance to cover the costs of repair. Leaving it up to the professionals, like these new haven movers, is the safest course of action. Also, by doing it yourself, you also risk damaging yourself. Many people end up losing earnings having to take time off work because of back strains and pulled muscles from lifting heavy furniture and appliances while moving.

Get home insurance sooner rather than later

In the weeks running up to your big move, it’s likely that it will be the only thing on your mind. As a result, it can be hard to look to the future and think about the steps you can take to save you money in the long run. For example, while getting home insurance may not be on the top of your to-do list – it provides you with invaluable financial support should things go wrong. For example, if you are planning to renovate your property, the right insurance can protect you should you run into any unexpected problems or if anything becomes damaged or broken. This means that you won’t have to cover the entire cost of repairs yourself. Thankfully, signing up for and managing your insurance has never been easier – thanks to companies such as  TD Insurance. Not only can you sign up quickly online, but you can also use their mobile apps to look over or change your policies when necessary.

Have a Clear Out

A house move is a perfect excuse for a good declutter. As you pack up, try to sell anything you no longer need or want. Not only will this make your move cheaper and easier, it will also make you some extra cash. It’s likely that a lot of the items you find won’t be sellable and need to be tossed away. When moving house you have to sort through everything and it’s likely you’ll accumulate more rubbish than you think; looking into services like a dumpster rental Lawrence, MA will help with the clearance of this waste instead of manually having to throw everything away yourself.

Make a Check List

Having a checklist and staying organized can save you a lot of money just by making you more aware of what you are spending and where. This makes it easier to stay within your budget. Other ways to do this include comparing quotes online and booking in advance where possible.

Ask for Help

Use your friends and family where you can. Get everyone involved. Even asking for help with childcare or getting someone to make you a casserole for your first night in your new home can make the day easier and save you money.

Find Free Boxes

Most of us don’t have a huge store of boxes in the garage. Many people turn to the internet to buy boxes when they move house. But, these can be very expensive for the amount that you are likely to need. Instead, phone your large local shops and ask if you can have some from their deliveries. Most just recycle them and are happy to help.

As well as these tips, you could save money by changing energy providers, getting your new home surveyed and freezing meals in advance.

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