Find Out Here: The Secrets Of The Best Burgers In Melbourne

Some may claim that they have the secrets to having one of the best burgers in Melbourne. Well, this holds true for the most part. Grilling burgers have become a national pastime. The hypnotizing scent of burgers grilling on a summer weekend is an awesome olfactory treat. 

However, as every household may claim to have the recipe for the best burgers, what could be the secret? Without stalking your neighbors or restaurants for their secret ingredients, let’s discuss this further. 

Beef is the star of the show, but it comes with other important co-stars

Many people get this wrong. It is a big misconception that having the best beef alone shall produce the best burgers. The meat is one of the major components, but it is not just all about it. So in this section, let’s discuss beef.

It’s true. Burgers do start with the beef. However, what beef should you use? Hey, do you even know that there are different kinds of ground beef? Well, you are not alone. Many people think ground beef is just one and the same. For further information, here are the different kinds of ground beef.

Ground Chuck

This is the cut from the shoulder. This specific kind of beef has between 15 and 20 percent fat. As foodies describe it, it is rich in flavor and moist in texture. More than anything else, the ground chuck is considered the best for burgers. Now you know.

Ground Sirloin

Contrary to the ground chuck, the sirloin comes a little bit dry but still is packed with that all-important beefy flavor. This cut is specifically from near the hip. It has between 7 and 10 percent fat content. This explains why it is not as moist as the highly favored ground chuck.

Ground Round

It can be moist for having higher fat content which ranges between 10 and 20 percent. However, it is not as tasty as the first two. You may need to use a lot of seasoning to liven up its beefy flavor. This ground beef comes from the upper leg of the animal.

Ground Beef

This is what everyone’s familiar with. This simply means a combination of all the three aforementioned. Note that the ground beef’s high-fat content of about 30 percent may be an issue. The problem is its consistency. It may be either too greasy or mushy.

So there, we have already uncovered one secret. Use the right ground beef- Ground chuck.

Now, on to the beef’s co-stars

Well, the characteristics of a good burger extend outside the beef. It is important to take into consideration the following as well:

The Bun

All buns are acceptable. It can be your trusty store-bought ones or even those you baked yourself. From Ciabatta to Kaiser, Onion to sesame seed bun, but the sky’s the limit. Make sure that the bun can hold itself and won’t break apart. This is regardless of how much sauce or other ingredients you add apart from the burger patty.

The Sauce

Same as the bun, you may use any sauce you prefer. As they say, “your burger, your call.” If you are preparing for a group of people, it is best to know their sauce preferences. Better yet, prepare different ones. One serving may be spicy, another could be sweet and savory.

The Presentation

If you notice, the best burgers in Melbourne come with that much-needed flair and drama. While others don’t care about how it’s served, others appreciate a well-designed and served burger. Believe it or not, a well-presented and visually pleasing burger contributes to its flavor. It’s just how our bodies work.

In conclusion,

Here are some of the secrets:

1)Better use Ground chuck as your choice of ground beef.

2)Know the sauce preference of your guests. You may also play with the sauce you prefer. If it pleases you, your burger can easily be the best in the world

3)Use the bun of your choice. One that won’t fall apart.

4)Take time to make your burgers visually appealing.

There you go. It’s not as difficult as it seems, right? These secrets may not be too much of a secret after all. End of the day, if a burger pleases you, then you’ve got the best burger in Melbourne in your hands (or mouth).

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