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Kitchen Minimalism

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be minimal in the kitchen. Various utensils, ingredients, and food available in the market may overwhelm or entice anyone. But by being mindful, one can be conscious of the possibility of a minimalist kitchen in order to save space or avoid having a cluttered kitchen.

Color Palette

Before anything else, plan the color scheme of the kitchen. A good overall coherent color theme for the walls, floor, counter top, cupboards, fridge, table, chairs, lighting, tools, and utensils will avoid a cluttered look. When this is planned, it’s going to be picturesque and embody a minimalist aesthetic. Consider everything, even down to the cutlery. You don’t want to go to all this effort only to notice at the end that something like your cutlery doesn’t match. Of course, if your current cutlery is brightly colored, but you are planning to go for more neutral tones, then you may benefit from replacing it with silver cutlery instead, as this will match the whole aesthetic much better. You may find that replacing your cutlery helps you in other ways too. In that, you are cutting down on the number of random knives and forks you have and only housing a full set.  

Meal Planning

Is it a vegan household? Is it a household with kids? When these are considered, planning meals would be quite thematic and it allows one to foresee what kitchen tools, appliances or utensils should be equipped in the minimalist kitchen. Finding the perfect appliances to fit your kitchen minimalism theme is a must and these styles of appliances can be pricey which is why finding the perfect appliance repair shop like Appliance Repair Ottawa is crucial at keeping costs down via repair and maintenance.

Ergonomically-designed Utensils

It’s quite refreshing to see various companies take on traditional utensils and remake lifestyle merchandise in designs that are ergonomic like the pots set that have removable handles so that storage of those pots would be easier for small kitchens. Those come with lids, too, for easy storage of leftover food. There also are utensil sets with stands available with ergonomic design to truly save space and elevates organization. No cluttered drawers here.

Multifunctional Cooking Tools

Home tv shopping networks are great at showcasing various kitchen gadgets. But which lifestyle products are really worthy of one’s money, time, and space? A good food processor would be multipurpose and would aid in various recipes. Chopping, blending, juicing, blitzing, mixing, grinding, crushing — think of the many ways this would be handy in the kitchen instead of owning a simple blender, juicer, ice crusher, food choppers, and such that would eat up space. An air fryer oven may seem gimmicky but it can do a lot of things, not just frying. It can toast bread, bake bread or pastries, cook pizza, dehydrate fruit, and more. It can aid in speeding up cooking time as it cooks some of the food while one focuses on other food on the grill or stove in order to complete the planned meal.

But don’t go ridding of existing tools or utensils just yet to achieve a minimalist kitchen. Wait for the time that replacement is needed for existing tools or utensils. Minimalism also embodies minimal wastage after all.

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