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Discounted Disney

Discounted Disney

If you ask any child where they want to go on their next vacation, I’m sure they will start getting excited about a Disney holiday. The company has created so many magical movies that have captured the heart’s and imaginations of thousands of young children, and their various resorts provide a place where their dreams of meeting some of their favorite characters can come true.

There’s just one big problem for parents – it can be very expensive indeed! The Disney resorts are known for being overpriced, which can make traveling there with a family very problematic if you are on a restricted budget.

But you’ll be pleased to hear that it actually is possible to make your Disney trip as cheap as possible. Here’s how you find a discounted Disney break.


Book Through A Travel Agent

Don’t try and book your travel, accommodation, and park tickets separately as this could prove to be hugely expensive. It usually works out a lot cheaper to book a Disney package holiday through a travel agent. What’s more, many travel agents offer payment plans to help you split the cost over a few months. You might also want to look at some payday loans to ensure that you can make the first downpayment. The earlier you book this, the longer you can stretch out the payment plan and reduce the individual payments.

Don’t Stay In The Resort

Each of the different Disney resorts have hotels onsite. These are often quite fancy and have some very extravagant themes. However, they will also be extremely expensive! Don’t feel that you have to stay in these hotels in order to visit the park – you can buy your park tickets seperately. In fact, there will be a lot of smaller hotels and B&Bs just outside the resort that will be a lot more affordable for you.

Don’t Eat In The Resort

As well as hotels in the resort, there will also be a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants. These will be quite expensive, even the takeouts and diners that you might expect to offer cheap and cheerful food. So, instead of spending all of your budget on food, you should time your meals for when you are out of the resort. You will be allowed to take food in with you, so you might want to pack some snacks for your day. You might even like the idea of packing a whole picnic if you are able to prepare food in your accommodation. For example, you could check out this list of things to pack for Disney World to get an idea of what you might want to take with you to the resort. This could cover all essential goods you could benefit from having while you’re at Disney World.

Travel Off Season

If you are able to, you might want to consider taking the kids out of school for their Disney vacation. This is because the resorts are always busiest during the school holidays. As well as being busy, you will find that the cost of Disney hotels sharply jumps during these times too.

Disney doesn’t have to be too expensive – as you can see, you have a few different ways you and your family can try and bring the overall cost down!


  • Vickie L Couturier

    im wanting to take some of my grandkids and this is some good information,,thanks for sharing,,,i need to go as cheaply as possible

  • Minta Boggs

    Great info! We have went to Disney twice for a day and every time it has rained and one time they had a hurricane going through and it was not fun, wet, cold and icy rain. I would love to go to Disney once and have a great time.

  • Amy D

    I live a mere 40 minutes from Disney World. These are great tips! Us locals actually bring a bag filled with sandwiches and snacks and avoid eating at the park completely. Also, take the day to visit Disney Springs, where it’s completely free, even parking. That’s where you can do all your Disney shopping. Don’t waste your time shopping while at the actual theme parks. Enjoy the entertainment.

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