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Four Ways To Make Your Family Vacation Cheaper

Going away for the annual, family summer vacation is something to look forward to. Getting time away with your loved ones in a beautiful location can be the ideal tonic after all those hard days at work. But, for some, it can also be quite stressful – simply because of the costs. Going abroad in particular during what is a peak time of the year can be very expensive. That is if you don’t plan ahead and find ways to save. Here are things you should be thinking about if you want to be savvy when it comes to your vacation spending.

Get ahead of the competition

One of the best ways to save on the cost of your family trip is to try and book it in advance as much as possible. If you know when you want to go away and where you’d like to go many months ahead or even a year ahead, you should seriously think about putting down a deposit to bag a bargain. You can find fabulous deals when preparing in advance and it is important when visiting places that can be pricey… Like vacationing in NYC. You can find fabulous deals when preparing in advance and it is important when visiting places that can be pricey. Like vacationing in NYC for instance. Planning ahead means you can book a stay at a beautiful luxury Boutique Hotel in new york. By booking in advance you can get the best possible pricing and some travel companies even offer special deals for those who sign up well ahead of the trip.

Shop around

When it comes to finding your ideal summer vacation, you should shop around and do your homework before parting with any cash. Have a look at lots of online travel sites for inspiration, use price comparison sites, and check out different deals with different providers and operators. It’s also worth having a look to see if your eligible for any discounts because of your line of work, or because of any loyalty programs that you belong to. It may only be five-percent off, but every dollar counts!

It’s not just the holiday itself that you should be shopping around for. You should also be looking for the best deals on family travel insurance. Compare and contrast policies, making sure you’re covered for everything you need, but also getting it for the most competitive cost. Plus, when you’re away, if the worst was to happen and you had an accident of some sort, then you could also get in touch with personal injury attorneys in Idaho.

Look for family tickets

If you’re planning a vacation to a place where you know you’ll be visiting lots of different attractions, then check ahead of leaving home whether you can buy advance family tickets. It could mean that one or two of your children go free, or at least get a discount. Sometimes, when you visit cities, for example, you can also pick up family passes for all the main sights – and save money on public transport too. There are also sites online dedicated to helping you find discount ticket prices. When combined with other coupons, like an Undercover Tourist discount code, you can save even more.

Travel light

Another way to be savvy about your holiday spending is to minimize your amount of baggage – that is if you’re flying somewhere. Many airlines now charge for you to check your cases into the hold. So, finding the best carry-on luggage so that you can save a few dollars per passenger by not checking in your bags is a savvy thing for sure.


  • Karen Propes

    These are great tips, you should always shop around when planning a vacation. There are so many areas to save in, you just have to search them out. Thanks for the info.

  • angie

    great ideas, I am always looking for ideas to save money and still get to do what we love to do thanks for sharing I believe the tips will come in great use this spring / summer

  • MD Kennedy

    Another great way to save some $ is to go off-season if you can swing it with the school and work. You don’t need to wait for March break to head to the beach in Mexico, for example. It can be just as nice in February!

  • Lauryn R

    These are awesome tips, thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to finally take our first real family vacation this Summer. I always do my research and shop around when planning one.

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