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How to Save Towards Your Next Family Vacation

Family is an important aspect of many people’s lives. They usually happen to be the one thing that is permanent in a world that is constantly changing. Spending quality time with them is something you should do ever so often. It could be by doing simple things such as eating dinner together, going to watch a film as a family, or going sight-seeing around your city. Another way to spend quality time with your family is to consider going on a family vacation once a year and going to somewhere like these st barts vacation rentals. If you can afford it, you could even go more than once annually. Vacations don’t necessarily have to be over the top and expensive as you can opt to go to a city nearby if traveling outside of the country isn’t in your budget. However, if you want to treat yourself then you might find yourself looking for the best short term loans and finding other ways to save up the money you need to have the best holiday of your life. The question is, how many ways are there to make money for your holiday? This article is going to share some practical ways that you can come together as a family and save money towards your next vacation.

Family Piggy Bank

Saving money using a piggy bank is one of the most common ways to keep cash stashed away. It is also equally useful if you want to put money aside to use to pay for your next family holiday. Once you decide how much the family vacation will cost, you should agree on how frequently your family members will contribute to the piggy bank. It may mean adding loose change once or twice a week or dropping money in every single day. You should get a glass piggy bank as the only way to access the money is by breaking it. This will make it harder for people to take money out which should help you accumulate savings faster. If you want to save larger quantities of money as opposed to change, you could agree to put the left-over bills from every broken larger bill. This means that if you went to the shop and broke a $20 bill to pay for a $10 purchase, the remaining $10 would go to the piggy bank. You should also note that the earlier that you start, the more money you’re likely to save.

Yard Sale

Another fun way of raising funds to go on a fun family vacation is by holding a yard sale. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your family and have fun planning an event. You can get started by making each family member search through their belongings and pull out the things that they’re no longer using. This could include clothes, shoes, gadgets, phones, jewelry and any other item that are no longer being utilized. You can also have a look in the kitchen and living room to see if you have any furniture or antiques that are wasting away. Once you’ve gathered all of the belongings you want to sell, you can begin planning your yard sale. Some tips for ensuring your yard sale is a success include displaying interesting items, making the presentation personalized, and ensuring there are a variety of items to choose from. For more expensive items, you should use tablecloths to display them and also put price tags on all items. You should also choose a date and day of the week that will attract people such as during spring when the weather is nice and a Friday. Holidays and weekends may not produce the outcome you desire as people tend to be busy.


If you are all for giving back to the environment, then recycling is a way that you can do so while raising funds for your family vacation. It might interest you to know that the aluminum industry pays around $800 million a year for recycled cans. Seeing as this is such an attractive figure, you should consider rallying your family together and agreeing on making a joint effort to save all of your soda cans and monetize them instead of throwing them away.

You can begin by finding the nearest recycling center to you by searching online or checking your yellow pages. Once you’ve done this, think about how you can obtain large quantities of aluminum as the more cans you have, the more profitable it will be. If you have the time, think about setting up recycling bins in areas people are likely to use a lot of cans such as schools or stadiums. You can then endeavor to check the bins at least once or twice a week then find a way to collect and transport all of the cans to your nearest recycling center and collect your cash. With an entire ton of cans, it is estimated that you could earn up to $2,300. You should note that there are other things that you can sell at the recycling center aside from aluminum, which include plastic bottles and scrap metal. This method of making money won’t necessarily fund your entire trip, but you could use the money you make from recycling to buy souvenirs, food and join in on tourist activities.

Grocery Shopping

Another fun way that your family could join forces to save for your family vacation is by offering grocery shopping services to people in your neighborhood. You could offer to buy them groceries and run errands in exchange for a fee once a week. This may especially work for retired neighbors as they may find going out to do such things tedious. In addition to grocery shopping, you could also consider extending these services to chores like cleaning the house, washing cars, walking the dog, and helping with laundry. It may be a good way to give back to the community and get to know your neighbors while earning extra funds for your holiday.

For those who are from close-knitted families, spending time with your loved ones is essential. If you need help paying for a much-needed vacation, you can look online for vacation loans that could help you. Family vacations are the chance to create unforgettable memories, fill your media galleries with photos and videos, and build even stronger relationships. Not having enough money to go on a vacation shouldn’t be a reason you don’t go. If you put your ideas and finances together, with cooperation and teamwork, you should be able to come up with enough to go on the family vacation of your dreams.


  • Karen Propes

    Great tips for saving. I like the jar because the kids can see the savings growing and see how much money is needed to take a vacation. If you want more than change like you said just add bills into the jar. The whole family can see how they are helping to save.

  • gloria patterson

    Lots of great tips here and would be great way to save. BUT … FYI all it takes is a butter knife and money will come out of the piggy bank. Found that out as a kid 🙂

  • Sherry Abrams

    Love this interactive way for kids to help save trip spending money by earning money for the vacation they helped plan!

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