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Why You Should Let Your Teenage Child Study Abroad

You will already understand the importance of your children’s education, which is why you will be doing all you can to encourage their learning day after day.

But what would you think if they came to you and expressed an interest in studying abroad? It could be a full-time college or university course. Or they might want want to be a part of a student exchange program.

What would you say to them? Initially, you might be worried about the cost. This is understandable although there are affordable international student loans available. 

You might also be worried about them being far away from you. Again, this is understandable, but there are all kinds of video communication technologies to help you keep in touch. 

There may be other concerns you have. But whatever your worries, it’s also important to think of the positives of studying abroad. Here are some examples.

#1: Your children will learn new language skills

Sure, your children could learn new language skills at home, but they will have more motivation to learn these when away. They will have more inclination to as they will be forced to speak the lingo of the country on a daily basis. Aside from the practical advantages of learning a language, there are career advantages too. Many top businesses require somebody with language skills so they have somebody who can talk to international clients. And language skills are also good for the range of travel careers that are available. Ultimately then, you will be aiding your children’s future career if you give them the experience of a life abroad. 

#2: Your children will have a greater appreciation of the world around them

If you have traveled a lot already, you will already know that travel can give you a greater appreciation of the world and everything that is in it. And so it is for your children. They will get to experience more of the world’s beauty. They will meet people who could shape their lives for the better. They will start to appreciate their lives back home if they study in a place where pockets of poverty exist. And they will broaden their understanding of different cultures. In short, they will be subject to a whole range of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, each of which could positively transform their very being. 

#3: Your children will become more independent

If your children are dependant on you for most things in their life, their journey into independence will be a slow one. But if they study abroad, in a place many miles away from where you are, they will have to show more independence. They will have to do things on their own, such as finding ways to travel from A to B and learning to cook if they rent their own home. Admittedly, your children will become more independent when they move to a college in your own country. But as the challenges will be greater abroad, due to the language barrier and the need to adapt to new cultures, your children will have to develop all kinds of new skills to give them the ability to make it on their own. 

These are just a few of the reasons why your children should be allowed to study abroad but they will probably present you with others. So, don’t be quick to dismiss their requests if they discuss the option with you. Think about their needs and how studying abroad could support these. And if you need further convincing, think about the vacations you will have when you journey to visit them while they’re away!

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