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Curves Are In: Find the Right Plus-Size Swimwear to Show Them Off

It is ridiculous that in a country where the average woman wears a size 16 that fashion designers would continue to create looks for women that fit exclusively into a size 4, or smaller. Body shaming is nothing new; most women regardless of their size have multiple stories about being told they are not built correctly –but times are changing. A greater acceptance of the female body in all of its sizes is taking place. The fashion industry as a whole is lagging behind, but some designers and retailers are making great strides at developing clothing that makes all women feel great.

Much of the credit has to go to the brave women that work as plus-size models. Many of these women, including Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday, have ignored the negativity and the rejections from traditional modeling agencies. Their determination has opened the eyes of many designers and helped ordinary women that will never be a size 2 learn to appreciate their curves. Graham became the first plus-sized model to win the coveted cover shot for the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition. Her natural beauty and active lifestyle has helped to disprove the theory that anyone that is not obviously thin must be unhealthy. Ashley has even teamed up recently with online swimwear retailer swimsuitsforall to offer her own body positive line of swimsuits. For the best deals on plus size swimwear, you should check out Ashley’s new line to see exactly where the new trends are headed.


With Graham on the cover of a magazine dedicated to swimsuits, it has helped to highlight an issue most women face. There is little interest on the part of most retailers to provide bathing suits that fit a larger woman’s body. The shops inside malls are filled with swimsuit displays, but the sight of them often puts fear into the hearts of most women because they know none of the items will actually fit them. These shops choose a handful of styles and add a few “big” sizes of each design. What’s unacceptable is that these sets are made to fit the proportions of thin women – and look good on only thin women. Adding a little extra fabric or ruching, or making the tie backs longer is not enough. Plus-sized women want (and deserve) styles that flatter their bodies. They do not want something that will roll down their waist, something that they have to keep tucking their cleavage back inside of, or an unflattering pattern.

Plus-size women would do well to forget about the large retailers during this time of the year, the best swimsuits to fit their shape can be found online. There are numerous companies such as swimsuitsforall that have dedicated genuine thoughtfulness and designer talent into creating appealing swimwear that makes plus-sized women feel comfortable and beautiful. Their suits offer high-waisted bikinis to eliminate the frustration of rolling waistbands, tankinis to provide a little extra coverage without eliminating sex appeal, and they come in fashionable colors and patterns instead of the limiting floral drapery many designers seem to think plus-sized women want to wear.

Online swimsuit shopping is not only the convenient way to find a sexy swimsuit designed for every body shape, it is also the answer for year-round shopping. With swimwear available all year it is easy to purchase something new and sexy for that mid-winter vacation. Finally, it is a chance to get the highest quality of clothing that also fits your body type.




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