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Regain Your Outdoors With The Ambush Mosquito Trap

I am so excited about 2021 as my husband and I bought a new home! We actually bought a home in The Poconos of Pennsylvania and it is breathtakingly gorgeous there and the outdoors are a wonderland for us to explore. Lots of beautiful hiking trails, waterfalls, lakes and more to enjoy which I am so excited about as I just love the beautiful outdoors. The only issue for me and the outdoors in the beautiful Spring and Summer months are those pesky mosquitos that seem to be relentless! They will not leave you alone in the peak of the season and this is an issue for me as it is so beautiful on our property in PA, that I have to be out there to enjoy it all. This is why I jumped at the chance to give The Ambush Mosquito Trap a try as it is the ideal mosquito trap for you home and yard and after reading the reviews…. I knew I had to try it for myself. 

First I have to stress that I love that The Ambush Mosquito Trap uses environmentally friendly methods that are not only safe for you and your family to use but that are also safe for the environment. I much prefer keeping the mosquito population under control on my property using The Ambush Mosquito Trap, rather than spray my kids with all of the mosquito repellant’s on the market as many are not safe to use and are full of chemicals. The way that the Ambush Mosquito Trap works is that it uses 6 separate attractants to lure and catch the mosquitos. Carbon Dioxide is the primary attractant and it is produced through the Photocatalyst reaction of UV ray from the light source radiating onto a panel coated with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). This is so effective because it literally mimics the breath that we exhale as humans and this is super effective because the mosquitos can detect Carbon Dioxide from over 100 feet away.

Let’s talk the science behind this amazingly effective mosquito trap. This trap is designed to break the breeding cycle of the mosquitos and it all starts with the fact that female mosquitos need blood to nourish their eggs.They get that blood from you, your family, your pets and your friends. They are so good at tracking the source of fresh blood down, by sensing the carbon dioxide, octenol, moisture and heat from your breath. They are also very attracted to UV light which is why The Ambush Mosquito Trap works so well as it a combination of all of these cues to attract those pesky blood sucking mosquitos. Basically The Ambush Mosquito Trap tricks the insects into thinking that the Ambush is a host and here they can get their next blood meal. Once the mosquitos approach the Ambush Mosquito Trap, they are sucked into the catch container by a powerful vacuum fan. Once they are trapped in the Ambush, they quickly dehydrate and die.

The Ambush Mosquito Trap is designed to reduce the mosquito population in your yard and general area. IT can take up to several weeks of use to reduce the problem and get it under control. The trap is designed to attract an target female mosquitos laying eggs during the breeding cycle. It is absolutely crazy that one single females mosquito can lay as many as 3 thousand eggs in her lifetime which means that for every female mosquito you catch in your Ambush Mosquito Trap… you are potentially ridding your area of 3000 more mosquitos. This is super important as it is known that many species of mosquitos will only move a few feet from their breeding place during their lifetime. This also is what makes this fabulous invention…. a winner that works!

Now… when it gets warm, it is recommended that you run The Ambush Mosquito Trap continuously during the height of the season. If it is turned off… the breeding cycle will begin again and that you do not want.

It is also important to mention that you need to place The Ambush Mosquito Trap in the perfect location. You do not want the Ambush to complete with humans so it is not recommended to place the trap in an entertaining area or a place where people may gather and if you are planning an event of some kind outdoors…make sure to run the trap for an extended period of time before the event to make sure those posts are under control.

Now you may be wondering what to expect upon beginning the use of the Ambush Mosquito Trap. The trap will begin to catch immediately but know that it can take 6 to 8 weeks of use to reduce the local populations to the point that breeding cycles are interrupted. This is due to the fact that mosquito eggs can take 4 to 6 weeks to hatch which is why you need to allow for this period of time to pass for the numbers to decline. I will have my unit running constantly during the hot humid summer months as this will provide me with the most protection and will for sure break the breeding cycle which is how this unit effectively controls the mosquito population in your area.

The set up is a breeze and if I can do it anyone can. In the box you will receive the Ambush Mosquito Trap, a 19 foot power cord with adaptor, the Catch Container, lid and metal handle and the Owners Manual. They have a super easy to follow assembly video on and set up is complete in 5 simple steps.


1)Unscrew the black plastic cap from the power lead to expose the small female plug.

2)Insert the small female plug into the male plug head at the back of the mosquito trap. Screw the fastener downward until the connection is secure.

3)Remove the Ambush Lure from the packaging.Place the lure in the lure compartment on top of the trap.

4)Place the lid on the trap and secure it by turning clockwise.

5)To use the trap handle, attach each end of the metal handle into the two small circles at the top of the lid. That is it! Plus it in once you find the perfect spot and let The Ambush Mosquito Trap work its magic. 

The Ambush Mosquito Trap comes with 1 lure to get you started and each lure lasts and provides protection for 1 month. They sell a 6 pack of lures that will provide coverage for the entire season and I will be picking up a pack of lures next to make sure I have everything I need so that I can reclaim my yard and actually enjoy the wonderful warm months of Summer without being eaten alive! Check out The Ambush Mosquito Trap for yourself and Reclaim Your Yard!


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  • megan allen

    I never thought I would say I miss mosquito season but I am ready for this cold to be gone! But I will definitely need this because I am a mosquito target!

  • upstatemissy

    This sounds like a win to me as does the price point for the area it covers. We are in Central/upstate NY and let me tell you, mosquitoes are a huge issue. My garden area has a natural spring and there is sometimes standing water between my raised beds, I do think that does not help. I want one of these for our garden area so I can use less Deep Woods Off. I know the spray is effective but not great for your health when used at least once every single day.

    • mcushing7

      Make sure you enter to be 1 of 3 winners 🙂 I love this story as it is pretty much like my own. I love the outdoors but cannot enjoy it as you are literally eaten alive. And I too hate using the sprays and would love a safer solution which this Ambush Mosquito Trap provides 🙂

  • lflax20

    The only good thing about this horrific cold we’ve been having – No mosquitos! But I know they will be here soon enough! This may be just what I need if I want to go outdoors!

  • Catherine

    Something tells me this will really come in handy in the coming months. The mosquitos here make it impossible for me to enjoy the outdoors at night during the summer. Will be looking into this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    Luckily we don’t have too many mosquitos where I live in England but this would certainly come in handy when I go back to Malaysia for holiday as there are lots of mosquitoes there

  • Amber Lee Kolb

    The Ambush Mosquito Trap sounds awesome! I live in Michigan and we get them so bad here. Sometimes we can’t even go outside in the mornings without getting attacked/eaten alive. I love that they are environmentally friendly. I used to work for Mosquito Control here right after I graduated high school and they use a lot of chemicals. I would love one of these!

    • mcushing7

      Definitely enter to win as they are also giving the live bait to winners so that they have coverage for all season!

  • Lisa Thompson

    This looks amazing! We just bought a little over an acre with lots of woods and our neighbor has lots of animals. The mosquitoes are crazy here and this would help so much!

  • Em Mahr

    I need one of these! We recently moved to a new state and there are mosquitos everywhere! I love that it’s safe for my family. The lure lasts 6 weeks – is this with continuous use?

    • mcushing7

      The lure is 4 to 6 weeks each and winners are receiving a 6 month supply of lures… 6 total and it covers the entire mosquito season! And yes…. with continued use.

  • Granmama15

    I love the name!! I would love to ambush every mosquito around!! Besides excessive heat, mosquitoes and ticks are the things I really hate about summer!! Those are two nasty bugs that spread awful diseases!! The mosquitoes around here, introduce themselves before they take a bite. I read some of the customer reviews that were on their website. They all raved about this product. I also like the fact that the Lure Trap works for 30 days! It would be nice to sit outside again! Shared on social media!! Thank you for sharing!

  • gloria patterson

    THIS IS MIND BLOWING FOR ME — “super effective because the mosquitos can detect Carbon Dioxide from over 100 feet away” i just though they were attracted to some people because of products on their skin. Any mosquito thing that I have been around is you had it all over the outdoor where people were, and I was all wrong. This requires planning for outdoor time but I think it would be well worth it.

  • Derrick Johnson

    We live in South Louisiana and the mosquitoes here are absolutely terrible. We can really use this in our yard.