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5 Reasons a Juice Cleanse Can Restart Your System

Have you been considering starting a juice cleanse or feel like you are just slogging through every day? There are tons of benefits of participating in a juice cleanse here are just a few!

1)Changing by the Power of Thought

Starting with something simple to change your eating habits such as a juice cleanse, can help you start preparing mentally to approach eating differently. Often the biggest challenge in our diets is convincing ourselves to stay on them. By completing a juice cleanse, you may find that you have strengthened your belief in yourself and your fortitude. You can carry this newfound attitude beyond the duration of your cleanse because you will know you have the will avoid those tempting birthday cupcakes and make a healthy choice for your body instead. Even three days of a drastic change can help you break away from your dependence on junk food.

2)Give Your System a Chance to Rest

If you struggle with producing enough stomach acid because you are on acid-reducing prescriptions or older in age, a juice cleanse can be a great opportunity to give your stomach a chance to rest. By lowering the amount of solid mass coming into your stomach you are in turn asking less of the digestive process that will end up processing it. A juice cleanse lets your stomach easily obtain the nutrients it needs without putting in all the effort our standard diets require.

A diet of stress, saturated foods, and medications can wreak havoc on our system. It may even lead to “leaky gut” a condition in which foods and chemicals are allowed to pass through your stomach which shouldn’t have been. Completing a juice cleanse helps repair this system with its nutrients as well as not forcing it to have to struggle to push foods it cannot process through. 

The big player in our organs that most needs the rest given by a juice cleanse though is our liver. Food molecules that are absorbed through the intestinal wall go through the liver for detoxification. Unfortunately, with most common diets we are consuming too many toxins for our liver to properly filter out our systems. Going through a juice cleanse can help reset your liver and give it a better chance to fight off all the toxins when you reintroduce solid foods.

3)Getting Rid of Harmful Foods

By going on a juice cleanse, you are eliminating dairy, gluten, and fermented foods from your diet. These are the kinds of foods that we typically eat that may be causing you digestive issues you don’t even register anymore. You could be easily become intolerant to any or all of those foods and not even realize it. When you end your juice cleanse and reintroduce them into your diet, you get a chance to see if you need to stop eating any of those foods permanently.

4)Introducing Major Nutrients

At the same time that the juice cleanse is getting rid of harmful foods, it is introducing a massive amount of nutrients back into your system. The juices are filled with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that you are most likely not getting enough of in your everyday diet. They even tend to have large amounts of B vitamins that keep you healthy and energetic but are too often cooked out of our food. The juicing process uses exclusively raw ingredients so those B vitamins are still present and available for the taking!

5)Gets You Hydrated

Juice cleanses force us to reexamine what we are really putting in our bodies. Studies show we often are not putting enough water into our bodies. A cleanse prohibits you from ingesting coffee or alcohol, common diuretics found in our diets, and that you replace them with water. Most of us are simply not staying as hydrated as we are supposed to be because we end up drinking soda, coffee, or tea instead of water. These types of beverages just do not provide the same rejuvenating benefits as H20. On a cleanse, you’ll be sure to get enough water and continue the habit of regularly drinking it even after the cleanse.


After a while, those greasy hamburgers and nights out can start to take their toll. By using a juice cleanse, you can restart your system and get back into healthy habits again. Participating in a cleanse will help you adjust your relationship with the foods you eat, give your body the rest it needs from a daily onset of toxins, and even help you stay hydrated and energized. 

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