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Enjoy Unique Organic Fragrances Crafted From Natural Essences From The House Of Matriarch PLUS Save 20%

Enjoy Unique Organic Fragrances Crafted From Natural Essences From The House Of Matriarch PLUS Save 20%

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I am a lover of fabulous fragrance, whether it be a fabulous perfume that I wear with a cute outfit any particular day of the week or a wonderful scented candle and reed diffuser that I use in any given room in my home, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere… I am obsessed with all things fragrance. Because of this love of fragrance I jumped at the chance to give the House of Matriarch High Perfumery Discovery Set a try as it is unlike anything that I have tried and it opened a whole new world for me when it comes to personal fragrance. 

House of Matriarch is celebrating 10 years as the premier American Indie Fragrance House and for seriously good reason. High Perfumery is rooted in the rich history of magic and alchemy ~ mysterious, powerfully rendered and recalling the craft of apothecary. Their fragrances are unlike anything I have tried and each one is blended to the highest standards of beauty and naturalness plus I love the attention to detail in the packaging… making this a wonderful gift.

House of Matriarch High Perfumery provides rare and even sacred fragrances that speak to the past but carry us into the future, to the pinnacle of the highest art of perfume making. Each of the 3.3ml atomizers are the perfect size for my purse and a quick spritz or two is all I need. The best part is that the scent seems to evolve and get better with time. It is really cool and I love it! 

I am loving this collection of fragrances and will be picking up more to try as they are all so unique and smell absolutely amazing. For me each of the five fragrances that I received from House of Matriarch High Perfumery envelop’s me and actually evokes feelings and even brings back memories that are special. These fragrances are unlike anything that I have tried and I love that they are unique and individual to me. 

Let’s Take A Look At The Fragrances I Received: 

Fragrance #1: ORCA

Dancing between a fresh cleanness and the salty patina of ocean-kissed skin, this fragrance is an intimate experience, improving throughout the day as it washes you with nuanced waves. Subtle by design.


NOTES: Genuine Ambergris, Natural Honey, Resins, Spicy and Leathery notes.

Fragrance: TWIN FLAME

An enlightened arrangement of double-blooming Roman chamomile and earthy ambrette seed absolute, alchemized in rose-quartz spirits.

NOTES: Double-Blooming Roman Chamomile, Ambrette Seed Absolute, Champaca, Three Varieties of Jasmine, Gardenia, Coffee Flower, Ylang, Tea Rose, Magnolia, Neroli, Osmanthus, Broom and Tuberose.

Fragrance: L’ARRIVEE

White Floral/Jasmine
Soft mimosa harmonizes with sunny marigold, bergamot and twinkling magnolia. In the heart, several varieties of natural jasmine dance with wisps of exotic tiare, broom, Omani frankincense, neroli and rosewood with soft base of Hawaiian vanilla and Royal Hawaiian sandalwood.
NOTES: African Sandalwood, South African Gia , Greenheartwood from Kenya, Jasmine from India, Vetiver from Haiti, Egyptian Marigold, Neroli from the Comoros, Egyptian Frankincense.

Fragrance #4: ALBATROSS


The natural marine accord celebrates that spirit, the fresh coolness of where the ocean meets the sky. Salty Salish Sea breezes meet the soft warm notes of cork, driftwood and cottonwood evoking images of seafaring vessels, creosote-soaked timber, and barnacle covered hulls.

NOTES: Natural Marine Accord, Cork, Driftwood, Cottonwood.

Fragrance #5: BONSAI

Seemingly undirected, wild & natural, BONSAI honors the endless ritual and joy of the Zen Garden. Delightfully timeless, bursting specimen conifers are the pathway to the heart of a pristine reflection garden where you partake in bonsai’s companion ritual – the tea ceremony.

NOTES: Alligator Juniper, Black Capal, Agaia, Chrsyanthemum, Evergreens, Conifers, Balsamic Woods, Incense, Spices.

So what do you think of the House of Matriarch High Perfumery? Do you love fragrance like I do and are on the lookout for something unique and unlike anything that you have ever had before? Make sure you head over to House of Matriarch and check out their amazing line of perfumes, fragrance collections and more and visit them on social media as well!

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