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Hydrate Effectively With Hydrant Plus Learn How You Can Save 33% Today! #DRINKHYDRANT

Hydrate Effectively With Hydrant Plus Learn How You Can Save 33% Today! #DRINKHYDRANT

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This year has been a year for change for me and my family and the main focus for us all is eating and living cleaner than ever and hydration is a crucial step in this process. Let’s face it… staying hydrated can seem like a bit of a chore as you need to get in about a gallon of water a day to stay properly hydrated and that is a lot. This is why I am excited to share Hydrant with everyone that I know as they have made staying hydrated easy using breakthrough science! 

How it works is super easy and delicious. Simply pour one packet in 8 to 16oz of water…. depending on how strong you like it. You simply stir or shake it until fully dissolved and enjoy. On a side not… the colder the water the better the taste so I always enjoy it in a bottle of cold water. 

Incorporating Hydrant into your daily routine by drinking once in the morning and once before bed, leads to optimal hydration and a better you. Plus you will find that being perfectly hydrated feels like being energized minus all of the jitters from caffeine and energy drinks. Hydrant’s unique ingredient blend allows your body to absorb water more efficiently….  think of it like a hydrant that sends water quickly and efficiently to your cells. What is better than that?

So what do you think of Hydrant? It comes in 2 delicious flavors… Lime & Grapefruit and I am personally loving the grapefruit but I will be trying the Lime next as my husband will like that one too.

Right Now You Can Try Hydrant For Yourself and Save 33% While You Are At It! Simply Use Promo Code: HYDRANT33. Valid Through 5/31.

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  • Sandy Klocinski

    Really recommend this product! Less tired and drawn. I drink it first thing in the morning and it gives me a burst of energy and helps clear my brain fog.

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