ANOLON Advanced Home 10Qt Stockpot
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My Savvy Review Of The Anolon Advanced Home 10-Quart Stockpot @Anolon


When it comes to the kitchen, I am always looking for the latest and greatest on culinary tools and Anolon for me is where it is at as everything that they make is top notch and made of high end materials. Everything that I have from Anolon is simply amazing, including the most amazing set of knives that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I am talking about the Anolon Imperion Damascus Chef Knife Set and seriously… they are amazingly sharp and cut through tomatoes like butter with for me is a true test of a good knife. You can check out my review here but Anolon knives aside…. my new favorite piece from Anolon has to be the Anolon Advanced Home 10-Quart Stockpot. I never realized how much I needed a nice roomy stockpot until I found myself making batches of homemade meatballs and sauce and having to use 2 large pots to accomplish the task. It is truly a pain and creates more of a mess for me to clean up and is the reason I jumped at the chance to review this gorgeous 10Qt stockpot from Anolon.

Anolon 10 Qt Stockpot

This gorgeous Advanced Home 10 Quart stockpot from Anolon is a heavy-duty, hard-anodized wide stockpot that provides unmatched heat distribution for exceptional big-batch cooking performance. It features a beautiful domed glass lid that seals in heat and flavor and that is shatter-resistant plus the Anolon® Infinity Slide™ nonstick surface is everything and ensure an amazing cooking surface and super easy cleanup. This is also oven safe to 400 degrees.

Anolon Advanced Home 10Qt Stockpot

Anolon Advanced Home 10Qt Stockpot

ANOLON Infinity Slide Nonstick Surface

The Anolon® Infinity Slide™ nonstick surface is the ‘greener choice’ due to the fact that it lasts 80x longer than ceramic making it a much better value for the money plus it is PFOA free. It is time to reconsider just how ‘green’ your ceramic pans really are because if you find yourself constantly replacing them, then they are not that ‘green’. Finding a better pan, like the line of Anolon pans that feature the Infinity Slide Nonstick Surface is a smart move as you are not wasting your money and you can use this pan for years to come with proper care. I personally hand wash all of my Anolon products even is they say that they are dishwasher safe as I just want to preserve their life for as long as possible as I love the pieces that much. Check out this video which showcases Anolon’s Infinity Slide Nonstick surface:

What Makes Advanced Home Products From Anolon Special:

The Anolon 10Qt Stockpot is from the Advanced Home line of products at Anolon and there are many things that make it the perfect fit for my kitchen. This line provides its users a smoother surface due to the Sapphire-reinforced Infinity Slide nonstick surface as well as a stronger surface due to the hard-anodized aluminum that is twice as hard as stainless steel for long lasting durability for faster cooking times. The SureGrip handles make this line easier handle as well and you will for sure enjoy the lifetime guarantee that Anolon provides as they believe high performance cookware should go the distance.

*Smoother: Sapphire-reinforced Infinity Slide™ nonstick makes cooking a joy and cleanup quick and convenient. Your eggs will be skating 16X longer than traditional nonstick.

*Stronger: Hard-anodized aluminum is twice as hard as stainless steel for long-lasting, maximum durability and fast, uniform heat delivery without hot spots.

*Easier: Move around the kitchen with confidence with durable SureGrip® handles for a secure and comfortable hold. Built in measuring marks on saucepans.


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  • Lauryn R

    This is such a beautiful stockpot, I love how big it is! I really need to get some Anolon products, they are such a high quality brand. The measuring feature is really cool, I have never seen that on a pot before.

    • Tonya Sinner

      This looks like a fantastic stock pot! You can never have too many kitchen items and utensils, right?!?! This is a nice looking pot! I had one similar from kitchen aid. I love the measurement inside the pot!

  • wen budro

    Wow……this sounds like an awesome product. I love that it is nonstick. I also love that the lid helps seal in moisture and flavor. I really need a bigger, roomier pot. I often find myself having to use two pots or having to reduce the recipe. This stockpot would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen.

  • Maureen

    I love the fact that they have the sure grip handles. I would not want to be holding a larger amount of dinner or part of some meal I am making and the handles not in there properly. The love “green” issue as well. Helps me in how I am feeding my family.

  • Rebecca Meyer

    I appreciate the measuring levels inside the pot, very handy. I also have always thought Analon made great products.

  • Amy D

    I would love this for Mother’s Day! I have all the same pots and pans since I got married and I totally need a new set. I love the size of this pot and that I can put it in the oven and into the dishwasher. I also love that it is non-stick without all those harsh chemicals,

    • mcushing7

      It is hand wash but I have to say the infinity slide nonstick surface makes cleaning it a breeze 😉

  • megan allen

    I need this beauty in my life! I keep hearing amazing things about this brand and I must try them out! I can only imagine the yumminess I could make with this!

  • Donna

    This stockpot sounds so impressive! I’ve been in need of a new stockpot for a while and this one would be perfect!

  • melikegarfield

    I love all the details with this pot. The coating on our current pot is starting to be compromised. This looks like it would make a great replacement. Thanks for the information.

  • Kim Avery

    This would be perfect for when I want to make a lot of chicken soup or just some stock. Love that it’s oven safe also!

  • Darlene Carbajal

    Such a very nice stockpot. I really like the color. I would love to give one to my grandma for Mother’s Day.

  • alpacalover62

    This would be the perfect stockpot to cook stew as groceries is getting more expensive and learning to cook on a budget will be crucial.

  • Barb G

    Just the size I need for my homemade Sausage Gravy. The 5 qt. I have now is
    too smal, I like to have leftovers for next morning.

  • Janice Wright

    This looks like a wonderful stockpot and you can’t beat a lifetime guarantee!

  • Sue H

    I would love to have this. I have a stainless steel one this size, but would love the non-stick surface and the measurements inside that this one has. We make a lot of soup and it would come in very handy.

  • Wendy McBride

    Wow! I’d jump at the chance to own that Anolon Stockpot too! With it’s shatter-resistant lid plus the Anolon® Infinity Slide™ nonstick surface for easy cleanup. I also love that it has measurement markings inside the pot and is oven safe to 400 degrees. My current pot has issues with sticking and cooking unevenly, so I would be in Heaven if I could win.

  • Sunnymay

    I like that Analon pans have a non-stick surface that’s 80X stronger than ceramic plus it’s greener. They are smooth, strong, have suregrip handles and a lifetime warranty.

  • Glo Patterson

    WOW this review has my number, you would not believe how many skillets I bought last year. And it is just me!! Those non sticks were stick. I am in need of this product line.

  • Julie Smith

    I do love Anolon products (including my knives like yours). Being able to brown/sear, then add sauce to the same pan to make a big batch of meatballs is a plus!

  • Carrie

    This sounds amazing. I could really use a new stock pot. I will need to put this one on my list for sure.

    • Vanessa Richard

      I love the size and non stick surface, we are a household of 10 so would be great for soup nights

  • Chris L

    These pots are so nice.. A good quality cookware set is hard to locate at a decent price point. I realy want that stock pot.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    I make soup often and this looks amazing to cook in holding 10 quarts of soup. I do like the finishes it comes in too. I have not tried any Anolon products but would love to after reading this review on using them .

  • Vikki Billings

    I love this pot, love that its oven safe, and also really love that it has measurements on the inside of the pan, I need one so bad and this one is so nice.

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