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    How to do Embroidery Stitches by Hand

    Learning embroidery is not as intricate as it looks. Learning hand embroidery is easy, and machine embroidery has become easier with the help of the best embroidery machine. Hand embroidery is traditional art – you can stitch different beautiful patterns on the fabric with colorful threads. Hand embroidery is a fun and relaxing activity. Once you are into hand embroidery stitches, it will become your favorite leisure activity. Embroidery provides relief from stress and helps you make your garments beautiful. Learning hand embroidery is not tough all you need is little time and practice. If you are a beginner looking for how to do embroidery stitches by hand, you are in…

  • paint by numbers
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    Buying Brushes for Paint by Numbers Projects

    Paint by numbers kits come, by default, with all the supplies that are needed to create the painting. This includes everything from the canvas to brushes. Generally speaking, this is the most important advantage when it comes to learning to paint using these kits. Everything works out of the box.  However, the number of brushes that are included is often calculated depending on the complexity of the painting and its size. While the stock ones may be great for simple kits, larger, more intricate designs will require a lot more precision. In other words, buying brushes separately can make the project easier.  This having been said, an amateur painter’s choices…

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    Diamond Painting

    What is Diamond Painting? Diamond painting is a contemporary art form, a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers that has taken the art and craft world by storm. It is a form of 3-D mosaic art, in which the artist applies glossy resins onto a canvas, and the result is a beautiful, shimmery piece of artwork that can beautify the surroundings. Its popularity has spiked in a short period due to the ease of getting started with it; it does not require any prior art-related knowledge. Unlike other productive ventures, it does not need the artist to spend loads of time learning and perfecting the skill. They can start off and…

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    How To Make A Fake Cigar

    Be it a high-school theatre production or a prank among friends – knowing how to make a fake cigar can earn you some pretty pennies.  What’s best is that when it comes to pretend cigars, you don’t have to give much thought to what goes inside the cigar. There’s no worry about the flavor and quality of your tobacco, and you don’t need the services of a professional torcedor either.  All you need to focus on is the exterior of the phony bellicoso or perfecto and make sure everyone thinks it a real cigar, you can use Cigar Cigar Info for images to base your fake stogies on. After all, a fake…