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How To Make A Fake Cigar

Be it a high-school theatre production or a prank among friends – knowing how to make a fake cigar can earn you some pretty pennies. 

What’s best is that when it comes to pretend cigars, you don’t have to give much thought to what goes inside the cigar. There’s no worry about the flavor and quality of your tobacco, and you don’t need the services of a professional torcedor either. 

All you need to focus on is the exterior of the phony bellicoso or perfecto and make sure everyone thinks it a real cigar, you can use Cigar Cigar Info for images to base your fake stogies on. After all, a fake cigar that looks fake isn’t much fun. 

How To Construct A Fake Cigar Step-By-Step

To make your cigar look authentic, you’ll need to visit your nearest art store first and get a few basic supplies. While you can choose to substitute some of the art provisions mentioned below, be advised that it may affect the look of your fake cigar. 

Now, here’s a list of the craft materials you’ll need to gather before embarking on this craft-quest.

1)Gold foil (or a high-quality metallic golden marker)

2)Craft glue (or white glue)

3)Slightly thick crepe paper (in brown)

4)Masking tape

5)1 toilet paper tube


7)Paint brush

Step One: 

Get on the internet and do a little research. What kind of shape do you want your fake cigar to have? Also, get a print out of your cigar of choice so you can use the picture to add some realness to your craft project. 

The shape used in this project will give you a fantastic looking belicoso cigar. You can stick to these dimensions if you want a thick cigar with a pyramid-shaped head that gives off Winston Churchill vibes. 

Step Two:

For step two, take the toilet paper roll and cut it in half lengthwise. Next, start rolling the paper between your fingers to form a rough cigar shape. You may end up rolling the paper twice or thrice, and that’s nothing to worry about. This will only add to your fake’s cigars feel and texture. 

Step Three:

It’s best to keep pre-cut strips (at least 3 inches in length) of the masking tape near your workspace before you begin rolling the cigar. If not, get someone to cut the tape for you, while you hold on to the tissue paper roll. 

Once you’ve secured the roll in its new shape with the help of masking tape, use a pencil to draw a triangular tip at one of the ends. After you’ve sketched out the tip, use the scissors to cut off the excess cardboard. 

Step Four:

Cut out a 2-inch thick strip of brown crepe paper. After that, apply glue to the roll’s surface and gently wrap the brown crepe paper around it while making sure you don’t miss any areas. Be sure to cover the cigar properly while enclosing the tips as well. Finally, cut a ½ wide rectangle from the gold foil and stick it close to the triangular tip. 

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