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Buying Brushes for Paint by Numbers Projects

Paint by numbers kits come, by default, with all the supplies that are needed to create the painting. This includes everything from the canvas to brushes. Generally speaking, this is the most important advantage when it comes to learning to paint using these kits. Everything works out of the box. 

However, the number of brushes that are included is often calculated depending on the complexity of the painting and its size. While the stock ones may be great for simple kits, larger, more intricate designs will require a lot more precision. In other words, buying brushes separately can make the project easier. 

This having been said, an amateur painter’s choices in brushes are important as they need to be selected according to both the projects, as well as the type of paint. 

More variety makes life easier 

Although buying additional paintbrushes may not be needed for the first few projects, individuals who want to pick up paint by numbers as a hobby will need to develop their painting implements arsenal. 

The paintbrushes that most manufacturers include in the kits are selected specifically for a certain design, however, this does not mean that they are the most appropriate tools for the task. 

If you have the budget, considering purchasing a wide assortment of paintbrushes. Ultimately, it is recommended that you have one of each size. Having brushes of different sizes will not only be useful in a wider variety of designs, but it may also enhance the painter’s dexterity. It is easier to paint an area with a bigger brush, however, drawing lines will require a smaller one. 

Choosing appropriate brushes for the type of paint in the kit 

Every manufacturer, such as PaintingKits may offer kits that include different types of paint. Some products may come with acrylic paint, while others may have watercolours in the bundle. Buyers can see the type of paint that is included in the kit either on the packaging or on the product listing page. 

This detail is important due to the fact that different types of paint require different types of brushes. Art supplies stores and websites will always specify if a particular paintbrush should be used with acrylic paint, oil paint, or watercolours. 

Choosing quality over quantity 

It is to always look for quality paintbrushes rather than purchase a large number of cheaper ones. This is mainly because premium paintbrushes are made from quality materials that transfer the paint to the canvas without also leaving hairs behind. 

Quality paintbrushes are also much more durable than the ones that come with the kits. The latter are designed to be used only a few times, while the former are manufactured for professional painters. 

Budget brushes have their uses 

Although it is indicated to always get quality paintbrushes, budget ones also have their uses. They can be extremely useful for paint by numbers projects that involve adults as well as children. Furthermore, budget brushes are usually cheap enough that they can be thrown away after the painting is completed, making them great disposable one-time-use tools for small kits. 

Properly storing your brushes 

Once you get all the brushes that you could ever need and start using them, you will have to know how to maintain and store them afterwards. Paintbrushes can be extremely fragile, even premium ones, especially if they are not cleaned and dried properly. 

Once you’ve finished painting, all the paint must be removed from the brushes. The process depends on the type of paint used. Oil paint can be removed using paint thinner or a similar solvent. Dip the paintbrush into a cup filled with the liquid, several times, and then rinse them with water and leave them in a dry area. Acrylic paint and watercolours are removed with only water. 

Why are brushes important? 

Different types of brushes carry paint differently. Depending on the length of the hairs, whether they are synthetic or natural, and how many of them there are, the paintbrush will leave a different mark on the canvas. While it may not seem important, the pattern of the strokes that the painter makes gives depth to the painting and can be extremely important. 

Never go overboard 

Having several paintbrushes on hand at any time can be extremely useful, however, it is never a good idea to buy too many. Paint by numbers kits, even more, complex ones, are still designed to be as easy to use as possible. This means that it is unlikely for individuals to need extremely expensive paintbrushes or various professional painting tools. 

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