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Diamond Painting

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a contemporary art form, a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers that has taken the art and craft world by storm. It is a form of 3-D mosaic art, in which the artist applies glossy resins onto a canvas, and the result is a beautiful, shimmery piece of artwork that can beautify the surroundings. Its popularity has spiked in a short period due to the ease of getting started with it; it does not require any prior art-related knowledge. Unlike other productive ventures, it does not need the artist to spend loads of time learning and perfecting the skill. They can start off and faultlessly nail it, which makes Diamond Painting a unique form of craft.

Diamond Painting might sound engaging to the lot, but they tend to find it intricate due to a lack of useful information regarding what it is and how to get started with it. The hobby includes a kit, including all the required materials. 

What does a Diamond Painting kit include?

1)The Canvas

It is the absolute necessity of doing diamond painting, and without it, the process is impossible. A canvas is an artboard that manifests the actual art, and in a diamond kit, the canvas contains number codes that match the colored resins, directing their placement on the artboard. It is covered with glue that binds the resin beads on the canvas and secures the painting together.

2)The Diamonds

The small resin beads with facets are the diamonds and are an essential part of the painting. There are two types of diamonds, 5-D, and 3-D, depending upon the number of facets. 5-D diamonds create a shinier, more detailed effect. The diamonds are color-coded, matching the printed numbers on the canvas that produce an intact and well-maintained art piece. There are two types of diamonds used:

*Round Drill (Drill is another word for diamonds): Application of round diamonds is more time-efficient as exact placement is not required. However, a close examination of the painting makes it seem incomplete due to the gaps between the diamonds.

 *Square Drill: The application of square diamonds is more satisfying and gives an overall complete look that, cherish able from both near and afar.

3)The Tray

All diamond painting kits come with a tray that contains thin depressions, which ease picking up the diamonds by separating them. One end of the tray is dipped to help shift the beads back into the packaging.

4)Diamond Applicator Tool

diamond applicator tool, essentially known as an applicator pen is a cylindrical pen-shaped tool, hollow towards the nib, through which the diamonds can be picked up from the tray and placed accordingly onto the canvas. Glue or wax (mentioned later) is applied to the nib which holds the diamonds. There are three types of applicator tools: 

*Diamond wax pens: Wax pens apply wax directly to the resin bead. When an applicator tool begins to run low on wax, sharpening it solves the issue.

*Diamond drill pens: This is a more traditional alternative and comes with each diamond painting kit. This pen is used by dipping into the wax or binder and then picking up the diamond and placing it onto the color-coded canvas. 

*Diamond drill wheel pick-up pen: This pen provides an adhesive wheel on one end that allows the artist to pick up the diamonds by rolling the pen across the tray indentation. It provides a more suitable and efficient option.

5)Wax or Glue 

Diamond painting kits also include a wax or glue container, which binds the beads onto the pens to place them onto the artboard.

These are the materials that come with every kit. The quality of which varies according to the price tag.

Steps to create a Diamond Painting

 Below given is the step by step approach to make a perfect Diamond painting :

*Remove all the contents from the kit.

*Layout the canvas on a flat surface, a craft table, or an easel if available. You will notice that the canvas contains printed color-coded numbers, which correspond to the color of the beads so that they can be placed accordingly on the printed sections.

*Choosing diamonds of a single color to start with is a suitable option. Pour a small number of diamonds in the tray provided and shake it so that the diamond fit in the indentations face up, to be picked up by the applicator tool.

*Peel off a small section of plastic covering the canvas so that the rest of it does not dry up.

*Dip the tip of the applicator in wax to fill it up.

*Proceed on picking up the diamond from the tray and pressing it against its corresponding color code on the glue-covered canvas.

*Refill the applicator pen with wax if required and repeat the steps to complete your artwork.

*Once the artwork is complete, place it in a frame to hang up in your workplace or your home, to adorn your surroundings.

Health Benefits

 Diamond painting has numerous mental, emotional, and conceptual health benefits. Diamond painting is a relaxing activity that allows your mind to get the rest it needs. Painting with diamonds is the ideal way to disconnect from stressful things and enjoy engaging in something you love, creating an art piece in the process.

1)Diamond Painting increases Discipline: Painting with diamonds is a methodical art form, which requires perseverance. Discipline can be reinforced by engaging in repetitive healthy habits. Diamond Painting helps out in this matter by preoccupying people in the healthy convention.

2)Diamond Painting improves learning abilities: People learn better when they experience things firsthand. While painting with diamonds, you learn hands-on by practicing the techniques and steps repeatedly. It also helps with the blossoming of a better learning routine overall.

3)Diamond Painting improves motor skills: Motor development refers to strengthening one’s ability to focus and interact with their surroundings. Repetitive actions boost muscle memory, and, as the tiles are merely 2.5mm, concentration levels are greatly improved.

To conclude, Diamond painting has become popular over time due to its uniqueness, not limited to artists and painting experts. Also, it is a calming activity that also helps spark creativity. 

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