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Balancing Indoor Air Quality And Energy Efficiency In HVAC Systems

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of poor air quality is the smog or pollution caused by motor traffic. Usually, air quality is associated with outdoors rather than indoor pollution. But there is a need to pay close attention to the indoor air quality too as most people tend to spend a lot of time at home or working at the office. This is why having Tobacco Smoke Testing in California when buying a new home or office space is so important. The health hazards associated with secondhand and thirdhand tobacco smoke is one of the reasons you need to have tobacco residue testing done for your home or workspace as it will let you know if there is anything to worry about when it comes to you and your families health.

Understanding Energy Efficiency

One of the largest consumers of energy in buildings is the HVAC systems or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. It is because of this reason various measures are taken to reduce consumption while increasing efficiency. 

Weathering makes HVAC systems energy efficient and hence it is also the most common method in use. By weathering, less warm air goes outside and less cold air comes inside during winter and vice-versa during summer. However, the drawback of this method is, the air quality inside the buildings suffers. When there is a lack of ventilation, the air indoors is contaminated and can result in many health issues. So there is a need to balance the energy efficiency with the air quality indoor through proper ventilation. 

How to Make Your Building Energy Efficient

A holistic approach needs to be taken so that there is no compromise on either the energy efficiency of the HVAC system as well as the air quality. Experts from Nortek Air Solutions suggest evaluating products using the EPA’s Energy Star program. This has resources that help in finding cost-effective approaches and tools that save energy and improve air quality. 

Improving air quality not only helps in making the building energy-efficient but also helps occupants’ health. Hence, it is necessary to make this a priority. 

Make Indoor Air Quality A Priority

The impact on the indoor air quality has to be assessed not after implementing energy-efficient methods but parallelly as well. By ensuring that equal priority is given to both, homeowners and businesses can avoid exposure to contaminants. It not only aids in taking care of public health but also reduces the need for implementing methods to resolve air quality issues in the future. Additional costs on fixing it are reduced when both energy efficiency and air quality are prioritized equally. 

Different Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be improved by performing the following tasks regularly: 


Regular cleaning of the ducts is essential to maintain the proper air quality. Allergens and dust tend to get accumulated in these ducts and they build up quickly too. Carpets, computer vents, furniture all gather dust and need to be vacuumed regularly. 

*Changing air filters

Air filters need to be changed regularly as the dirty ones recycle the dust into the air. Changing them regularly is a good way to ensure good indoor air quality. However, not all have the know-how or skill to change air filters. Hence, it is recommended to hire HVAC contractors to do the job. They know what to do and will also give you more detailed inputs on how to maintain good air quality at home.

*Check the sources

The HVAC system needs to be maintained constantly by cleaning them regularly.  It not only ensures good indoor air quality but also for better energy efficiency. While renovating the building it is essential to use low VOC paints and flooring. Also, keep an eye on the ceiling, bathroom walls, etc as water can result in mold and reduce air quality. 

It becomes important to find the right balance between air quality and energy-efficiency. This needs proper planning and implementation as the target is to consume less and conserve more. It is best accomplished when left to HVAC service providers. 

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