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Four Unique & Quirky Ways to Personalize Your Country Wedding 

There is no more beautiful or serene location for the most treasured day of your entire life than the countryside and furthermore, your wedding photographs will be the envy of your friends and family members for years to come.  

So, whether you’ve already decided on a country wedding and are looking at venues, or you’re only in the very first stages of thinking about your big day, then either way, you’ve come to the right place.  

Continue reading to learn of four unique and quirky ways to personalize your country wedding.  

1. Create Your Own Signage  

Even though the signage for your wedding, both in terms of the ceremony and the evening party, isn’t exactly the most romantic element of your special day, there’s nothing more distressing, if you don’t organize your guests, than watching people wandering about with no clue where they need to be.  

Instead of a corporate looking, generic board with the table plan for your wedding breakfast, for example, get creative and together with your partner, design your own seating plan sign, complete with fresh wild flowers picked from the fields where the ceremony will be taking place. Additionally, this same idea also applies to your wedding invitations and even the initial ‘save the date’ cards.  

2. Have Your Vows Conducted Outdoors 

There’s something beautiful and truly bonding about choosing to take your vows outdoors and even though you can’t be entirely sure that wedding guests at the very back will be able to hear every word, the only two people who matter are you and your fiancé.  

When looking at countryside wedding venues, therefore and especially when it comes the time to visit several places on your shortlist, make a special request to view the outdoor ceremony options and enquire whether they have a contingency plan if the weather takes a turn for the worse.  

3. Your Wedding Favors 

A rustic wedding is one that is full of the idea of nature and natural beauty, and as such, the wedding favor each one of your guests will take home with them as a physical reminder of your big day should reflect this. 

Below is a selection of unique, cute, and thoroughly country-inspired wedding favors for your loved ones: 

*Wooden bottle openers with antler handles 

*Seed packets to grow a flower in honor of your nuptials 

*Homemade blackberry jam 

*Tree trunk coasters engraved with the date of the wedding 

*Candles made with dried flowers 

4. The Entertainment 

Finally, unless you and your partner are particularly enthusiastic about heavy metal, it’s likely that the style of music and entertainment that you’d prefer at your wedding has a more relaxed and chilled-out vibe

You could, of course, choose to put together a wedding evening playlist, full of tracks which you know your guests will enjoy and that appeal to lots of different age groups. Or, conversely, you could decide to source a local band who specalize in playing country music.  

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