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Firebrand, Book 1

Urban Fantasy

Release Date: September 3, 2020


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A werewolf killer. A paranormal murder. How many times can Emma Bellamy
cheat death?

I’m one placement away from becoming a fully fledged London
detective. It’s bad enough that my last assignment before I qualify is
with Supernatural Squad. But that’s nothing compared to what happens

Brutally murdered by an unknown assailant, I wake up twelve hours later in
the morgue – and I’m very much alive. I don’t know how or
why it happened. I don’t know who killed me. All I know is that they
might try again.

Werewolves are disappearing right, left and centre.

A mysterious vampire seems intent on following me everywhere I go.

And I have to solve my own vicious killing. Preferably before death comes
for me again.



The first thing I heard was the buzzing. It tickled my eardrums at first
then, as I gained consciousness, it became more insistent – and more

I moved slightly and there was a strange rustle. What the hell was I lying
on? It felt like plastic, or rubber sheeting perhaps. There was an acrid
tinge to the air that definitely smelled of rotten eggs, and there was an
unpleasant taste of ash in my mouth. This didn’t make any sense.

It took more effort than it should have done to open my eyes. It was like
they’d been glued together and I virtually had to peel open my
eyelids. I blinked, trying to adjust my vision. I was so hot – and
what was this crap around me? I plucked at it. I’d been right: it was
definitely some sort of white plastic sheeting, but it was singed and burnt
like someone had taken a flamethrower to it.

I sat up, shoving it to one side. That was when I realised I was

I jerked with such force that I fell off the table and landed with a heavy
thump on the cold, linoleum-covered floor. I groaned and looked around. It
wasn’t a table, it was a metal gurney. That was when the memory of the
attack came flooding back to me.

I must be in hospital. It was the only thing that made sense. The incessant
buzzing was coming from an overhead strip light that cast a stark light
around the room. I licked my lips and tried to call out to alert a passing
doctor or nurse but I could only croak. If I wanted help, I’d have to
go and look for it.

Staggering to my feet, I grabbed the remnants of the plastic and wrapped it
around myself. This was a strange hospital room: for one thing, the bed
wasn’t a proper bed, it was just a slab. And there was no IV line or
comforting ECG beeping next to me, although I could see a metal tray with
various implements lying neatly across it. Several scalpels and … I
stared. Was that a rib spreader?

I backed up, colliding with another metal trolley and sending various bits
and pieces clattering to the floor. Without thinking, I bent down to pick
them up. When I saw the flames flickering around my toes, I let out a brief
shriek and frantically slapped at them to put them out.

My heart was hammering against my ribcage. What in bejesus was going on? I
straightened up. With shaking fingers, I touched the side of my neck where
I’d felt the knife pierce my skin and slice through my artery. There
was nothing there. No mark, no bump. It wasn’t even sore. I reached up
to the back of my head where I’d been thumped. There was nothing there

Breathing hard, and growing more and more convinced that this was some sort
of crazy-arsed nightmare, I looked around for some kind of clue as to where
I was and what had happened.

My gaze fell on the clipboard hanging on the side of the gurney. I grabbed
it and stared at the words: Jane Doe. DOA. Approximate age: 30. Identifying
features: mole on left thigh. Apparent cause of death: exsanguination from
knife wound on throat

The clipboard slid out of my hand and fell to the floor.


 About the Author

After teaching English literature in the UK, Japan and Malaysia, Helen
Harper left behind the world of education following the worldwide success of
her Blood Destiny series of books. She is a professional member of the
Alliance of Independent Authors and writes full time, thanking her lucky
stars every day that’s she lucky enough to do so!

Helen has always been a book lover, devouring science fiction and fantasy
tales when she was a child growing up in Scotland.

She currently lives in Devon in the UK with far too many cats – not
to mention the dragons, fairies, demons, wizards and vampires that seem to
keep appearing from nowhere.

You can find out more by visiting Helen’s website:


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