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7 Sustainable Jewelry & Gift Options For The Eco-Conscious

With the Holidays right around the corner… I am on the hunt to put together a list of gifts that I can feel good about gifting to my friends and family. I am talking about a list of ‘must have’ sustainable jewelry & gift options for anyone on your gift giving list. I recommend these gift ideas as they are the perfect way for everyone to do their part and to ultimately help to reduce their carbon footprint. Below are a list of sustainable jewelry and gift ideas that can help the planet and create an eco-conscious domino effect that will have a huge impact going forward. The best part… every item on this list is the perfect gift for me and I know any of them are the perfect gifts for my family and friends. Let’s take a look at 7 sustainable jewelry and gift ideas that are perfect for gifting to your eco-conscious friends and family members for the Holidays or any time!

For Fans of Sustainable Jewelry ~ Au-Rate Jewelry

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It’s important to find a brand that creates sustainable jewelry as the jewelry industry is not the most ethical industry on the planet by any means BUT there are brands that are looking to change that. One of those brands is Au-Rate and they are my ‘go to’ for my sustainable jewelry needs and my 20 year old daughter is obsessed with their beautiful rings. Their pieces are 100% sustainable as they do no mine for gold, but rather they recycle the gold that they use to create their beautiful pieces from pre-existing gold material that is refined to remove any impurities and imperfections.

sustainable jewelry

They also use ethically-sourced diamonds in their beautiful pieces. Each piece is carefully chosen and tracked, strictly adhering to the Kimberly Process. What is the Kimberly Process you ask? Well it’s Au-Rates ethical guarantee because when they choose their vendors from around the globe, they require documentation of the Kimberly Process to ensure that their diamonds are not from conflict regions and that there are no human rights violations behind the scenes. This is important to me and anyone that is looking for sustainable jewelry that is ethically sourced and you can rest assured that Au-Rate’s mines are run under ethical and safe working conditions with fair wages and the utmost respect for the local indigenous communities. The end result are some of the most beautiful sustainable jewelry pieces that I have ever seen and that will make the perfect gift for anyone on your gift giving list.

For The Foodie ~ Click & Grow Indoor Gardens

The foodie on your gift giving list will love a Click & Grow Indoor Garden. I have a few of these and there is no better way to grow your fresh veggies and herbs year round. This is especially huge for me as I live in the northeast and our growing seasons are short… but with Click & Grow I can grow herbs. lettuce, peppers and more….year round.

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Imagine gifting that person on your gift giving list one of these so that they can grow fresh herbs on their kitchen counter? It is visually maintenance free gardening at its finest as the unit does everything for you. You simply make sure the water tank is full and it will take care of itself. The Click & Grow Indoor Garden is hugely popular and you can choose from their Smart Garden 3 which grows 3 plants or Smart Garden 9 which grows 9 plants. The Smart Garden 9 is an innovative self-growing garden that every home needs and with this unit you will grow 100% organic herbs, fruits, salads and flowers, free from GMO’s and pesticides. The unit provides automatic watering, the perfect amount of light, the perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level and ever kit comes with complimentary plant capsules… 3 tomato plants, 3 basil plants and 3 lettuce plants.

For The Home Office Worker ~ Humanscale eFloat One

I recently found this fabulous standing desk and it is the perfect gift for the home office worker on your gift giving list. Did you know that traditional wood table tops are harvested from older forests that can take up to 100 years to regrow? Well it does and it is why I am loving this desk for the sustainable home office solution as it is made from bamboo which is much more eco-friendly due to how fast bamboo grows in contrast to forests. Bamboo is a sustainable alternative that takes less than 10 years to replenish.

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Humanscale uses bamboo to make this fabulous standing desk that is a must for anyone that works at a desk as sitting all day is not good for you. With this cool desk you can stand for half of your day and burn some calories while working. This desk is a simple and sophisticated work surface, that is also free of Red List chemicals including formaldehyde and PVC. Not only is this desk kinder to the earth, but it’s also kinder to the body, by transforming into a standing desk at the touch of a button.

For Staying Hydrated ~ UVBrite Go Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle

Ditching the plastic water bottles is a must in this day and age. My family and I have been using reusable water bottles for quite sometime now and if you have not done so already….you need to. The UVBrite Go Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle is the perfect gift for everyone on your gift giving list as everyone needs to stay hydrated and this fabulous reusable water bottle is self-cleaning via the UV technology built in!

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Seriously… single-use plastic is a thing of the past. Not only are major companies and even states getting rid of plastic for good, but many people are also making the switch to reusable water bottles for their daily dose of hydration. By simply investing in a few reusable water bottles like UVBrites water bottle, you will be doing your part at reducing your carbon footprint and by gifting these to everyone on your gift giving list, you will be helping even more. With this bottle you can quench your thirst with the press of a button plus I love that the Go Bottle also has an intelligent self-cleaning function, sterilizing the bottle each time you run a cycle.

For Drying Off After A Bath ~ Delilah Home 100% Organic Cotton Towels

For the ultimate in luxury… these towels are everything and they will make the most amazing gift to anyone that you gift them to. Seriously there is nothing thicker and fluffier than these 100% organic cotton bath towels from Delilah Home. Their 100% organic cotton products pay homage to the environment and enhance the lives of their customers and they believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into your body and that is something that I love and appreciate. I especially love that their textiles do not contain allergenic or toxic chemicals and that using their products may help allergy sufferers as well as anyone that suffers from respiratory problems.

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Delilah Home’s 100% Organic Towels feel fluffy and luxurious as compared to traditional non-organic towels and they are proven to last longer than traditional non-organic towels due to the fact that organic cotton has stronger fibers. Add to that the fact that organic cotton uses 91% less water to grow than traditional non organic cotton crops and Organic towels are a must. Delilah Home offers more than. just towels too…. you can also grab 100% organic kitchen towels, 100% organic cotton bed sheets and they even have Hemp bed sheets that I am dying to try and more!

For The Traveler & Organizer ~ Vera Bradley Sustainable ReActive Collection

I am in love with the Vera Bradley Sustainable Reactive Collection. My sister just turned me onto this line as I did not even know it existed. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Vera Bradley sustainable ReActive collection is lightweight and durable for trips, travel and everyday adventures too.


I totally love that this line is also water-repellent and easily wipes clean which makes it the perfect choice for taking to the beach or pool. This environmentally-conscious collection is designed to take you out into the world, all while helping you do a small part to save it as they are made from recycled water bottles. They have tons of styles, colors and patterns to choose from as well as patterns… like backpacks, travel bags, sling bags. gym bags and even dog toys and leashes and all made from recycled PET water bottles!

For The Fragrance Lover ~ Floral Aldehydes

I am in love with this gift that is perfection for anyone that loves good fragrance and it does not break the bank either. Inspired by Chanel’s N°5, Floral Aldehydes is an amazing floral scent that provides the ultimate in luxury. This scent is proof that luxury does not have to break the bank (or planet) when it comes to Dossier’s luxe fragrance. This planet-friendly fragrance alternative is Colorant and UV filter free, Vegan and cruelty-free, and Paraben &


About the scent…Floral Aldehydes is an iconic composition blending a bouquet of white floral notes with synthetic molecules discovered more than a century ago: the aldehydes. On its own, one might find aldehydes’ scent rather aggressive. However, when married with our sweet floral bouquet, they boost the floral notes, adding a dazzling touch, unlike any other scent. With a distinctly feminine appeal, Floral Aldehydes will quickly become an eternal classic that turns heads.

So what do you think of thee fabulous sustainable gift ideas for anyone on your gift giving list? Do you have suggestions? Leave a comment below as I am all about sustainable living and would love to learn about other sustainable gifting options.


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