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Improve Your Oral Health & Immunity with Smile Brilliant’s cariPRO Dental Probiotics PLUS A Giveaway!

It’s no secret that I am all about health and wellness and have been for quite sometime. I am all about living and eating to cleaner than ever to improve mine and my families overall health and wellness and that means eating foods that are good for us, exercising and also taking all natural supplements. Now when it comes to taking all natural supplements…. I mean things like vitamins, collagen powders, probiotics and more to help with the bodies functions and to keep me and my family healthy and strong but what about our oral care? I recently had the chance to give Smile Brilliant’s Dental Probiotics a try and jumped at the chance as it is no secret that your oral health is just as important as your bodies overall health as there is a strong correlation between the two. Smile Brilliant is a brand I trust as I have been using their fabulous cariPRO™ Ultrasonic toothbrush for a few years now. I actually have one for everyone in my household as these toothbrushes work so much better than a traditional toothbrush and my teeth always feel fresh and squeaky clean after brushing. Because of my love of Smile Brilliant’s cariPRO electronic toothbrushes, I knew I had to give Smile Brilliant’s Dental Probiotics a try and what a breakthrough of an idea these dental probiotics are!

Dental Probiotics

Smile Brilliant is well known for their teeth whitening systems and for their overall commitment to providing professional quality oral care products at a price that will not break the bank and this is extremely important to me as I have a limited budget. Their lab-direct process makes achieving professional results at an affordable price easy and it all started in 2013 with their revolutionary at-home whitening system that is exactly the same as the one your local dentist would provide for an in-home whitening treatment but without the huge price tag. This amazing in-home whitening system allows you to create custom-fitted, professional teeth whitening trays by simply taking an impression of your teeth in the convenience of your own home and then you simply drop it into the mail to Smile Brilliant’s dental lab. You receive the highest allowable at-home strength of whitening gel and a unique solution to combat tooth sensitivity and block re-staining while whitening to provide you with results that work. The reviews for the in-home whitening are amazing and add to that my personal experience with their amazing cariPRO electronic toothbrushes and I knew I had to try their new Dental Probiotics to up my Oral Health.

dental probiotics

I am sure that you have heard all about the benefits of probiotics over the past few years and its success at maintaining your bodies overall gut health. But did you know that probiotics have been shown to be very useful in many areas of the body, for skincare and dental care in particular? And how about that there are over 700 species of good and bad bacteria that populate your mouth each and every day!? This imbalance of bad bacteria can lead to an unhealthy pH and an over-growth in plaque and tartar which means that if left untreated……cavities, gum inflammation, bad breath, and a weakened immune system are just a few of the issues you may experience…even if you brush twice a day! This is why a good dental probiotic is a must as they can shift the balance of your mouths existing bacterial composition, or microbiome, toward an increased population of ‘good bacteria’ which will help to improve the overall health and fortitude of the area.

*Helps fight plaque build-up and decay

*Supports good breath & improves gum health

*Builds natural immune defenses

*Clinically studied to optimize the oral microbiome

The end result of taking Smile Brilliant’s cariPRO dental probiotics is that your mouth and oral microbiome will be healthier meaning reduced plaque and tartar, less cavities, gum inflammation and the causes of bad breath. Not only that but that protection provided by these oral probiotics from Smile Brilliant will extend to you ear, nose and throat which provides immune support and protection against viruses and any developing sinus and ear infections.


To use…you simply chew one of the tablets after brushing your teeth. They recommend doing this before bed… that way these probiotics can get to work while you are sleeping. These probiotics contain 3 Billion CFU and are made in the USA plus they are non-GMO and vegetarian and free from soy, gluten, wheat, yeasts, nuts, eggs, preservatives, sugar, artificial colors and flavors.

dental probiotics

Let me tell you that I am just loving these oral probiotics from Smile Brilliant and am ordering them for my daughter and husband too. It is one of the supplements I mentioned above that will help in my bodies overall health and wellness and they are so worth the investment. And with all that is going on today with pandemics and more… ensuring that your body is healthy and that your immune system is at peak performance is a must! Make sure to check out the newest products from Smile Brilliant designed to optimize you and your families oral care…. their new Water Flosser which helps to floss teeth more effectively and comfortably using targeted water pressure, their Plaque Highlighters for adults and kids alike and their Custom Night Guard System that protects your teeth at night from grinding and clenching. Check out Smile Brilliant today online and visit them on social media too!

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Now To The Giveaway!


dental probiotics giveaway

1 Lucky Winner Will Win A 30 Day Supply of Smile Brilliant cariPRO Dental Probiotics ($33 RV)

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  • gloria patterson

    WOW I am sure I am not the only one that didn’t know all of this. “Not only that but that protection provided by these oral probiotics from Smile Brilliant will extend to you ear, nose and throat which provides immune support and protection against viruses and any developing sinus and ear infections.” I would never have connected all of this in my mind. I have ear problems all time.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Oral health is very important though some do not put much importance to it. These probiotics will surely be of great help to achieve that goal to enjoy a healthy smile. Good luck to the joiners.

  • momi berlin

    Oral health is very important though a few do not put much importance to it, These probiotics will surely help us enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Good luck on all the joiners.

  • Kelly M.

    This is an intriguing product! I will check out their website — I’m interested in their night guard, too, since I do grind my teeth at night.

  • jupiterhadley

    Dental health is so important, and is often something that is forgotten. Your blog always has the best giveaways too!

  • Thena Franssen

    This sounds like a great product! I’m all about oral health and do my best to take care of my mouth! Great giveway!

  • wen budro

    Oral and dental health is so very important for overall health. This looks like a wonderful product to assist in oral health. I love that it is affordable as well.