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7 Décor Tips For Your Next Event

Some people believe there is a need to engage the service of an interior designer each time they have special events coming their way. Interior designers will do well to hone their professional design skills and give you awesome results but these often come at a price that you might not always want to spend.

If you’re think that an interior designer is likely to cost an arm and a leg, you can try out these 7 décor tips that will cost you little or no money at all to decorate your home elegantly for your next event.

Fortify the Entryway

Keeping your entryway decorated will give your guests the impression that your event means a lot to you. Embellishing the doors of the entryway will not only spice up your home but also keep your guests excited for the event. While entering your home, guests are very likely to catch a glimpse of the party and this will excite as they will know that they are in the right place for a fun time.

Use Decorative Seating

If you have a small budget to use towards decorating your event, you could try using classier wooden chairs in place of the usual plastic chairs. Be sure to embellish the chairs with ribbon, balloons and tulle just to add more character to the ambience of your event. Besides helping to enliven your event and make it extra special, choosing this decorative seating will convince your guests that you truly appreciate their being there to celebrate with you.

Spice up Your Event with Colorful Lights

White lights can be a great option for your event,  but choosing colorful lights instead will add that special touch that will create the perfect atmosphere for your guests. Use colorful lights in place of white lights and add more elegance to your home. For a personalized touch and depending on the holiday, you can create a theme with the colors that you choose such as green for  St. Patrick’s Day, red, white and blue for 4th of July and so on. You can change it up to fit the season or the reason for your party which makes it fun and special for everyone.

Bring Out Your Special Glassware, Dishes and Bowls

If you’re always keeping your best bowls, dishes and glassware for special moments and occasions, then nothing should stop you from bringing them out for your next event. If you have stylish china, martini glasses and other lovely tableware hiding somewhere in your cupboard, definitely bring those out and display them elegantly on a table. Of course, this décor tip is perfect for any time of year or event and will add a glamorous touch to any event that you host going forward.

Place Food and Beverages on Beautiful Trays

One sure way to keep your home clean and ready for entertaining your next event is to organize beverages and food on beautiful trays. Provided your guests will be eating, drinking and having a fabulous time, this décor tip will ensure that your event is fun and fabulous.

Enliven Your Space with Flowers and Plants

If you have potted plants around your home, you can use these for your next event. Flowers and plants are great for both indoor and outdoor decorative purposes. In the event that you do not have enough greenery around your home, you can simply pick up some attractive flowers and plants from your local florist and greenhouse and create the look that you are going for. Beautify your event space with several potted plants and arrange your flowers in vases to ensure that they not only look gorgeous but really make your event pop and stand out.

Beautify Your Walls with Special Art

If the framed art on your walls depicts your own pictures, you can simply replace it with garlands. In a more reasonable way, you can replace it with one or more pictures of your special guest.


While trying these tips can make your next event venue attractive, your lack of experience might not give it the best look. So, if you can find affordable interior designers, you can definitely choose to use one. If you are from Palm Springs, you can easily find an affordable party rental Palm Springs. If you are from any part of Los Angeles, you can try Los Angeles party rentals. Professional touches can make big differences at the end of the day, so be creative and ensure your next event is a hit with all of these tips.


  • Lauryn R

    These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing! I am definitely a sucker for lights, and think that they can make any occasion special. 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    This reminds me of how long it’s been since I got out my Great Grandma’s china. I mean, it ought to be used, right??

  • Lynne B

    I love how you focused on the details to make an event special. I especially like the idea of presenting the food on decorative plates. That alone can turn an outdoor event into something more.

  • June S.

    (7 Décor Tips For Your Next Event) My husband and I just attended a wedding reception over the weekend of 08/18/2018 and they had some of the greatest idea’s on their decorations that they had got from Pinterest. The table decor was clear wine bottles with LED lights in them and then the date of when they first met, the day he asked her to marry him, and then their wedding date. It was beautiful.

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