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Best Pizza Recipes and Oven for Spring Picnics

At last, the air gets warmer, and the grass gets greener, calling us to go outside and have a good time with friends on a backyard lawn. But how to spice up your spring picnics? Pizzaovenradar.com cooks have a solution for you. Get a portable pizza oven and bake some delicious pizzas anywhere you want! Now let’s take a looks at the best options and, of course, some top spring recipes!

Choosing The Best Oven

If you want to bake pizza outside, you need a mobile solution with propane or a wood burner. Our favorite backyard stove is Roccbox, and you can read the best Roccbox pizza oven review to make sure that it’s really good. This type is mobile enough for transportation in a car and supports both propane and wood as a fuel. Combine it with the receipts below, and you won’t believe your tongue. This thing can bake better than Pizza Hut and Dominos! Now, let’s learn some simple but extremely tasty spring receipts. 

Preparing the Dough

If you’re not too fond of working with dough, just buy some readymade pizza dough in the nearby store or pizzeria. If you want to experience the entire process, here is a quick basic instruction.

You will need:

*1 medium cup of warm water;

*1 teaspoon of instant yeast;

*2 cups of flour;

*Salt is up to you, but don’t add more than 1 teaspoon of sugar per portion. 

Now pour water into a bowl and combine with yeast and sugar. After 5 minutes, add flour and salt and combine in a food processor until the dough turns into a soft ball. Now take it out of the bowl, make a ball, put it in an oiled bowl and let it rise for 30 minutes. Congratulations, you are ready to cook. If the picnic is tomorrow, refrigerate the dough, but don’t hold it for more than 48 hours. 

1. Eggplant, Pesto, and Goat Cheese Pizza – Best For Vegetarians

This classic pizza recipe came from rural areas of Italy that specialized on goat ranching. Goat cheese and milk used to be a more accessible alternative for farmers who didn’t have cows. Unlike other cheeses, goat cheese has a more zesty taste with a bright sour note and creamy aftertaste. To cook it, you have to slather the dough with a thin layer of bold basil pesto, add goat cheese, sauteed eggplant pieces, and sprinkle with Parmesan.

2. Pizza Vesuvio – Exquisite Meat Feast

This half-calzone will surprise you with its reach taste and plenty of ingredients. First of all, spread creamy ricotta. Then lay out the ham, salami, thin mushrooms, and olive. Finally, cover it with marinara sauce, and some cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and salad leaves. 

3. Pizzetta with Grapes and Soppressata – Gourmet’s Choice

This pizzetta recipe looks very sophisticated, and it tastes as unique as it looks. To bake it, you have to grill small rounds of pizza in the oven. Set temperature for 200-210 degrees celsius for that. Next, top the dough with Gorgonzola dolce, medium dices of soppressata, and halves of green grapes. Finalize pizzetta with chives or oregano. 

Bon Appetit! 

Now you have a detailed to-do instruction for your upcoming spring and summer picnics. You will definitely enjoy these recipes, but don’t be afraid of experiments with ingredients. Pizza is a freestyle art, and you can do it with ease! 


  • Tamra Phelps

    The pizza Vesuvio would be my first choice. Pizza would be pretty good right now. I’ve never had a pizza oven, but it would be nice.

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