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Do ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes Even Work In The Modern Day?

Do ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes Even Work In The Modern Day?


We all know the aforementioned ‘get rich quick’ scheme as an insincere and quite pointless way of trying to accumulate wealth. This is because it ignores the work that goes into any profitable enterprise, and somewhat makes a mockery of it the entire way through. However, there are ways in which you can build your wealth with a little investment and time, perhaps in a much quicker way than working yourself to the top of a professional hierarchy or waiting on a handout from a lottery ticket.

It can pay to know what the most apparent ways of gaining relatively fast wealth are, and to explore this we need to know how this happens with the most frequency in modern life:

Content Creation

It’s quite impressive to see how someone with an idea can profit from their good work, even in a bedroom studio. Content creation, either through streaming, developing videos or simply recording thoughts can actually be quite a profitable endeavor that allows you to retain your professional integrity while also building a wide audience. It doesn’t take much for a new rap song or vlog to snowball, especially with sites like Soundcloud and YouTube taking time to draw attention to new content creators. These businesses have managed to monetize their platforms via advertisements and premium options, and so anyone who generates content for them is often easy to consider a no-contract marketing volunteer. However, if you make good content people can relate to, open up a donation page through a website like Patreon and care deeply about who interfaces with your product, it might be that you find at least a considerable amount of income from such an affair.

Auto Investing

Using automatic investment platforms can help you utilize algorithms that help you make the best investment choices. These developed just after the housing crash and now there are over 200 robo investors that manage around $70 billion of investment each year, but this number if fastly growing. If you have any kind of interest in investments at all, it might be that subscribing to one of these packages could help you make extra well-informed investments that help you healthily sustain your portfolio. First consider the M1 finance fees associated with taking this profitable step so you can plan ahead, and then enjoy the high-end automated advice you receive, something that would have been considered essentially important in the early 2000s had this technology been commercially available. It’s always worthwhile to check the validity of M1 Finance before using it, as you don’t always know if it’s going to be legit. Before using this site, you can read this review of M1 Finance to ensure you’re looking in the right place.

Asset Resale

The asset resale business is truly a profitable one, and it can pay to know why. Businesses that go out of business often offer large amounts of asset value sold at a slashed price so they can meet their debts. It might be you find that property, computing systems or many other items of value are given a reduced price, allowing you to invest your current money, and sell those resources at a markup. This can truly be quite a great investment opportunity if you have your own investment budget to work with, or even if you’re simply a citizen with enough working capital for an enterprise like this. You never know when you’ll get lucky and make enough to sustain something important to you.

While get rich quick schemes are usually quite silly and worthless to follow, there are methods to make money with a little wisdom and research, and perhaps a little to invest. These methods are by far the most prominent three in this vein.

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  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, I know someone always wins the lottery…but it never seems to be me, lol. I guess I’m better off sticking to more rational techniques, huh? But I’ll keep buying lottery tickets, lol.

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