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6 Fun Ways to Get Active with Your Kids

As a parent, you’ll be mindful of keeping your child active no matter what the weather or circumstances. It can be easy to slip into a routine of letting them do their own thing while you do some quick chores – but sometimes, you might just have run out of entertaining ideas to get them up and about.

So what do you do? One way to keep your child active is to make it fun for them – and for you! Here are some suggestions for you to think about when it’s time to get active. They might even give you inspiration for other ideas that will suit your whole family.

Have a treasure hunt

All you need to do here is make a list of objects for your child to find. To keep it simple, you can name some items that you’ve already got in your home and get the kids to bring them back to a particular spot – and the first one who does will win. You can make it more detailed, too, if you wish: try hiding the items in and around the house for your child to find.

Start a dance party

Just put some fun music on and start dancing. The good thing is there are endless options for you to choose from – you can start to make your own routines move by move, a musical version of any favorite games, or even try a dance-along you can find online.

Get an obstacle course

You can choose anything you want to do with this activity. You can try a string maze to wind through, tape lines for jumping, or use cushions for rolling. There’s really no limit, and you can do a bit of research online to get some great ideas. If this goes down well with your children, then you may want to think about reaching out to your local community so that you can get permission for playground installation. Build the ideal playground with plenty of obstacle courses, slides, and engaging activities with your local community by fundraising or volunteering. This way, they can climb and have fun with other children on playground equipment and obstacle courses that are ideal and safe for them to use. 

Try online exercise classes

There are plenty of free classes available online for almost any activity you can think of – including soccer, yoga, and many others. There are organizations out there that have online workout classes with children in mind, so try some of the easy at-home exercises they provide.

Make cleaning up a game

Most children like to have a bit of competition – especially against a parent! So choose a space that needs to be tidied up, set a timer, and then see who can speed-clean the best and fastest.

Create activity flashcards

You don’t need to have sunshine in your day for you to have the chance to get your child exercising. Think about creating your own active game you can play anywhere – inside or out. Just write some fun activities (such as crab crawling, doing jumping jacks or completing some sit-ups), and put one on each card. Flip over the cards next, then you and your children can demonstrate each action on the cards when they’re revealed.


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