Savvy Money Saving Tips

Finding the Best Car Deals

People regularly shop for cars, new and used, particularly when they believe that deals are available. At the same time, not all car deals are equal. If you consider yourself to be a savvy shopper, stick around. You will find out how you can get the best deal on new cars, used autos, and save on auto financing. You can prepare in advance to make sure you know what you can afford by using an invoice price calculator plus you will find that amazing deals are also available to car buyers, whether you go to a dealership or deal with a private seller.

Reviewing Your Credit 

If you can, make sure that you have a good handle on your credit ahead of going in to shop for a car. First, knowing what your credit score is will allow you to determine what kind of interest rate you will be looking at if you choose to finance. Second, if you do know what your credit score is and it needs work, taking even 30 days to make improvements can make a huge difference. If you see any negative remarks or don’t recognize an account on your credit report, dispute it immediately. Bumping up your credit score even 5 to 10 points can save you thousands of dollars in auto financing.

Comparing Current Offers

So, when you are ready to get a new set of wheels, your next step should be to compare current deals. There are fabulous new Maserati specials at places like Maserati of San Diego that will pleasantly surprise you. New car discounts are generally more generous than deals on used cars, but again, anything is possible when you shop around. Car sales are often posted on the internet, but you can also find some of the best discounts by calling your local car dealership or paying them a visit. 

Negotiating the Best Terms 

When you walk into a car dealership, you already have an advantage. Salespersons and dealership owners want to clinch the deal as soon as possible because they realize that consumers have a lot of options. Have your check book ready, along with a copy of your credit score, your driver’s license, and a few hours to spare prior to going in to shop for a car. You can make contact with any auto dealership that has the car you want via phone or email and see if they will negotiate the terms of the deal before you physically go in. A lot of times, shoppers are able to do the paperwork online, which will save them time. No matter what, remember that negotiation is all about positioning. If you have cash and you are prepared to make a deal, you just keep negotiating until you get the terms that you desire.

Sometimes, getting a great deal on a car can take weeks. When you find the car that you are absolutely in love with, be prepared for it to be sold before you can even go for a test drive. Also, be open to different car model styles, colors, and features. A bit of flexibility definitely helps when your end goal is to save the most possible on a new car. 


  • Edna Williams

    People can compare shop to get a good deal on a car, which is smart. Your suggestions will come in handy for me! Thanks for sharing!

  • Steve Grant

    Good general advice here, thanks. Would be interested in hearing how the COVID situation has impacted car purchases. I imagine that some dealerships are struggling and It would be wise to consider this in your car purchase. Will the seller still be in business or not?

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