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How to Host a Party on a Small Budget

What do you do when you want to throw a party for your family and friends but your bank account can’t support the extravagances that come with hosting one? You can postpone it until your fortunes improve and plan a stag themed party just like a stag weekend in Bratislava or you can hold a small budget party.

When it comes to holding a party, the gesture and the moments shared matter more than a show of opulence. With the demands of modern life such as work commitments, school and parenting, it can take ages before you and your loved ones get together and share fun moments.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to reconnect the people you value in your life. Most of the time, your guests will be glad that you took the initiative to get people together.

Here are tips to host a party on a small budget.

Hold a house party

Holding a house party saves you the cost of hiring a venue and high food bills. From the comfort of your home, you can prepare your own meals and host any kind of party you want.

You can host a dinner party, a tea party or just invite people over for lunch or some takeaway pizza. Just make sure you have enough space in your house to comfortably hold the number of guests you expect to have. Additionally, if children are involved, say for a birthday party, then make sure you have appropriate table covers. It costs nothing to wipe them down, but everything to replace a lovely oak table.

If you are hosting a larger group then you should start making preparations in good time so you can also enjoy the party instead being busy in the kitchen the whole time.

Limit the time

You don’t have to host a party that lasts a whole night. In fact, to be a good host, you have explicitly specify the time your party will take.

A party shouldn’t extend for long hours. People will get excuses to leave your party if it drags for long anyway.

Limiting the time for your party also saves you money because the longer your guests stay around the more they will consume.

Require RSVPs

Footing the expenses of people who fail to attend your party results into wastage of money and food. You can easily avoid this by requiring your guests to RSVP for the party.

Ensure that you clearly indicate that you expect your guests to confirm their attendance in good time for the purposes of planning. Apex Beats recommends that confirmation from your invitees, you can the budget appropriately to minimize wastage.

Think of Free Entertainment

Every party needs entertainment which can be an issue if you’re working on a budget. However, you can use sites like to find fun games of Never Have I Ever or play drunk Twister or Snog Marry Avoid. These are free or cheap and will bring up lots of laughs to your party.

If you are willing to spend some cash on entertainment then think about hiring a DJ or even look into Photo Booth Rental Reno way; they’re a great way to engage people in a fun activity whilst also making sure you have some great photos to remember the event by.
as a way to immortalize the night for all your guests.

Join hands

You don’t have to shoulder the burden for hosting the party all by yourself, especially if it will put a strain on your finances. Propose a party where everyone chips in with the costs associated with the party.

You can pool your contributions to help settling the bills for the party. You can provide the venue and have other people chip in with food and drinks. Alternatively, you can have a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) party so that you don’t foot the cost of the drinks. The advantage of this is everyone gets to drink what they want.


  • Mia Rose

    My group of friends likes to get together so we find that having a potluck party works well. We usually trade offering up our homes with the host providing a main entrée and others brings side dishes and desserts. Works well.

  • Calvin

    Great to know, definitely don’t let the budget limit you from gathering with friends and family. You can be clever and plan smart

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