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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decor on a Budget

Our homes are sanctuaries where we get to spend most of our time. These places represent more than just a PO Box number or coordinate on a map. They’re our personal space that we decorate and make livable by our passions, interests, and the need to find comfort. Upgrading your home can be a costly endeavor as evident from the fact that it costs around ten to twenty percent of a house’s cost. Such a large sum can seem quite a mood breaker to make necessary improvements for a place you love.  

Americans spent nearly $470 Billion in 2022 on home upgrades. It may seem like a lot of money but there’s still hope that upgrading your home can be accomplished without needing to spend exuberant amounts. This article will touch upon those measures that will make your home aesthetically pleasing and comfortable without your wallet feeling the pinch. All it requires is a little creativity and ingenuity that will set your home for times to come by creating a beautiful and comfortable living space.  

1. Rearrange Furniture 

An easy way to overhaul your home’s interior is by rearranging the furniture. While it may not seem a big thing at first thought, if you do it, you’ll feel a significant change in how the space is utilized inside the home. This changed utilization gives your home a new look with zero cost to your bank account. Rearranging is the easiest and the simplest way of accentuating your home’s aesthetics by utilizing the already present furniture better.  

2. Add New Accent Pieces 

It is not really necessary to overhaul the décor of your home. Instead, little adjustments can do the trick. Just tweaking things here and there, especially the accent pieces, and complementing them with other condiments, books, and flowers can make a huge difference. The whole outlook of the home can change by adding a few additional pieces that will complement the earlier ones. Also, you can add colorful rugs for the floor and the walls, as they can be aesthetically pleasing. Adding wall-based wooden pallets can also give your home a fresh look. 

3. Paint a Room 

Painting a room is another simple project to transform your home space and that too, on a budget. It would be best to go for a new color that compliments your furniture and décor. You can use brighter colors for a more pronounced look, while greys and light colors can also work if you’re going for a minimalistic approach. Making it a DIY project can help you save more money. Painting different rooms to define a theme or set them apart from each other is an excellent way to spruce up your home’s interior.  

4. DIY Artwork 

Creating your own artwork is a fun and highly affordable way to spruce up your home decor. You can use different mediums to create artwork, such as canvas, a rug, or even paper. They can be placed on the walls or even on side tables. Artwork can cost a limb and then some, but using items such as wood, canvas, and even small paper-made paintings can help ease the strain on your wallet. Using framings for simple paper-made artwork can give it a professional feel and make your home more stylish. 

5. Shop Secondhand 

Using recycled material or used material can seem like a downgrade for a home-improvement project, but there are more pros here than cons. Shopping for secondhand items is another simple way to redecorate your home on a budget. You should check out thrift stores, garage sales, and online marketplaces to find unique items that fit your bill and vision for the home interior you want. Sometimes, you can get a great bargain because something unwanted by someone might fit your home perfectly.   

According to Cinch Home Services, a top ranking home warranty company, “Realize the value of proper home maintenance, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Upgrading your home can be a very fun experience if it’s done right.” 

 However, on the other hand, maintaining your home after you’ve upgraded it is equally as important; it should function as well as it looks, after all.  

Upgrading your home decor doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor if you have a well-thought-out plan for the look you want to recreate. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can find items through garage sales and thrift shops that blend perfectly well with your home’s look. Simple things such as rearranging furniture and adding new accent pieces can create a new look for your home.  

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