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Why Recycled Timber is The Way of the Future

When renovating and choosing flooring, it’s easy to settle for the cheaper alternative such as carpet and tiles. However, there’s a more sustainable, durable and unique option that increases the value of your home and oozes charm – recycled timber flooring!

Photo by Abby Anaday on Unsplash

Unique Features include:

• Bolt Holes – Sometimes as in floorings, these may be color matched plugged. 

• Nail Holes 

• Fine to medium cracks 

• Fine grains and patterns 

• Made from old growth tree’s 

Unlike other building materials and flooring materials, recycled timber tells a story and adds value to your home. In addition, using a recycled product (instead of new) means we are preserving our valuable forest resources. 

Photo by Jon Sailer on Unsplash

Another major benefit that most people are not aware of is that most recycled timbers are in fact much more durable and stronger in comparison to new timber. The reason behind this is because new timber needs to be placed in a drying kiln to get rid of any moisture within the wood, but it cannot be completely removed. With recycled timber, you can be sure that all the moisture is drawn out as it has been drying for many years already, making it more durable and therefore, stronger.

Another added benefit of recycled timber is that it can be used for construction, decking, beams, joists, bollards, benchtops, furniture and even cladding!  Giving recycled timber it’s credibility to the future of our future homes.


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