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5 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting New Windows Fitted

Living in the same house for years may lead you to make a few changes within the home, from simple style adjustments to major renovations. As time passes, though, the design of the house may no longer be suitable for the needs of the family. This is the reason why some homeowners venture into home improvement projects such as replacing your window and doors, a loft conversion or landscaping.

Part of the plans for home renovation may also mean having to get a window replacement company in. Aside from aesthetics, here are other reasons why homeowners choose to have new windows fitted:

Instant curb appeal to the home
Increase in value of the property
Reduction of noise from outside
Easy cleaning
Easier to use, maintain, and handle
Longer life of your air conditioning and heating unit
Better home security
No need to paint your windows again
Protection of furniture and carpets from fading due to UV damage
Savings on energy bills year-round

These reasons alone should push any homeowner to replace their old windows with modern and more befitting types of windows. On top of this, new windows from Windows Bristol could help reduce noice coming from outside – especially when you use soundproof windows. Looking for more ways to soundproof your property? This guide from soundproofexpert is filled with solutions to help make excessive background noise a thing of the past.

Replacing old windows is a great way to enhance beauty, add value, and provide more comfort to your home. However, before purchasing a new set of windows, you need to consider a number of factors in order to make the best decision:

Brand new or retro-fit

Decide on whether you want to change the design of the windows, or pursue a replacement. Using retro-fit windows would be less expensive than having to purchase brand new windows.

Type and material

Choose the type of window to be used. Will it be made of metal or wood?

You can also choose between having a window frame made of vinyl, fiberglass, wood or aluminum.


Liam from www.brightoncctv.co.uk says ‘Home security is fundamentally important and constantly needs to be updated. All modern windows are designed to stop basic methods of people breaking and entering into your property.’

Level of insulation

Vinyl is most popularly used for window replacement since they can provide reliable insulation compared to aluminum. However, choosing replacement aluminium windows is also a good alternative to replacing your old windows with retrofit windows (with dual glaze), as it can provide better insulation.

Fiberglass windows can provide suitable insulation as well. They are maintenance-free and available in dark colors.

Type of glass

There are several glass options to choose from:

  • Single-glazed: This is a single layer of glass, and has lower insulation than the other types.
  • Dual-glazed: This type has two layers of glass to trap the air between glass panes. The only disadvantage of using dual-glazed glass is that its hermetic seal will eventually fail after 15 years.
  • Low maintenance glass coating: This is also known as self-cleaning glass since it stays clean and is easier to clean than other types of glass materials.
  • Low emissivity glass: This type of glass blocks heat and UV rays coming from the sun. Therefore, it allows more natural light to pass through without having to worry and suffer from the sun’s heat and harmful rays.

Design compatibility

Check if the window’s design matches the overall look of your home. No matter how intricate and elegant the windows are, they won’t matter if they look like sore thumbs in your house.

Moreover, you may also want to add a mirror to your home to increase illumination. It can be a very functional piece to add to your living room.

While you may be ready to start replacing your windows, be aware of how much the cost would be. Never fall for companies who offer discounts if you purchase from them. Doing enough research on the best window makers is worth your time than making a decision out of thin air.

Top Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-curtain-near-bed-and-floor-lamp-29683/


  • Alexis

    I never really thought about UV fading my furniture and fixtures. However this makes sense. Thank you for the informative post.


  • Linda Manns Linneman

    Getting new windows to replace new ones is a good idea. It does increase the value of your home, they look so much nicer and will probably help on the electric bill. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you so much for sharing

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