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Four Ways to Spend Your ‘Me’ Time as a Mom

Four Ways to Spend Your ‘Me’ Time as a Mom

Being a mom to young children is no easy task, so it’s no surprise that stress is a feeling that many moms go through. Whether you’re looking after toddlers or teenagers, chances are that at some point, they’re going to do something that will stress you out. Add this to the fact that as a mom, there are several things that you often simply cannot control. When you’re responsible for young human beings, it’s no surprise that moms often feel at the end of their tether – after all, you want the best for your children all the time, and work hard to give it to them. However, too much stress can negatively impact your life as a mom and that of your children. Taking some ‘me’ time to relax and unwind can help you to get back in control and enjoy more calm. Here are some of the best ways to get some extra ‘me’ time as a mom.

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#1. Take a Bath:

When it comes to taking time for yourself, sometimes it’s the simplest of activities that can be the most relaxing. If you’ve had a long few days and things have been getting more and more stressful, laying in a hot bath to relax and unwind can leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed both physically and mentally. For an even better experience, place a few drops of a relaxing essential oil from doTERRA products in your water.

#2. Spend Time with Friends:

For many moms, spending time with friends often becomes a thing of the past after they have children. When your little ones are taking up every free hour that you have in the day, social visits can quickly become more and more few and far between, leaving you feeling isolated and stressed out. Wherever possible, taking the time to meet up with your friends and keep up your social connections is important for staying sane and managing your stress levels as a mom. Spending time with friends also gives you somebody to talk to and get support from, which is often needed!

#3. Read a Good Book:

If you enjoy reading, then chances are that you might not be getting as much time to enjoy a good book since becoming a mom. Thanks to e-reading devices or handy apps on your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a good book during your spare time. Sometimes, something as simple as reading an interesting story can give you the mental boost that you need to de-stress and return to get things done.

#4. Take a Short Break:

If you are feeling in need of a longer break than just a few hours, then taking a short, child-free break if possible could be a great idea. A weekend away with friends or adult family members could be just what you need to get away from the stresses of daily life, whilst leaving your little ones with a family member could be a great adventure for them!

How do you spend your ‘me’ time?

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