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5 Practical Changes To Make In Your Home Office Setup

Whether you’re self-employed or not, you might struggle to keep yourself focused and motivated if you work from home. But don’t worry, because making the following changes will help you transform the time you spend working:

1. Create a home office in your garden

Are you currently using a spare room inside your home? If you share your abode with other people, you may find out that they distract you while you work. You should consider creating a home office in your garden, even if it means converting a shed into a usable workspace.

2. Go wireless

Having too many wires around your workspace can cause a lot of chaos and might even pose a possible safety hazard. Go wireless for things like your computer keyboard and mouse, and use your smartphone for voice communications instead of a landline phone.

3. Invest in storage

On the subject of chaos, is your desk covered in paperwork and random items? If so, you should invest in suitable storage for things that don’t need to be hanging around on your desk.

4. Flood your workspace with natural light

The last thing you want to do is feel like you’re trapped in an underground bunker. Open up your working environment by letting natural light flood into the room. You’ll feel more motivated to work, and you’ll save on your lighting costs.

5. Opt for a standing desk

Did you know that people are generally more productive if they’re not sat down at a desk all day long? A standing desk is an ideal way to promote productivity. Check out the following standing desk options for inspiration:

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