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Benefits of a Medically Reviewed Diagnosis Report

It’s actually kind of sad that I have to take the time to point out how important medically reviewed information is, and why this should be a primary criterion when taking medical advice, listening to diagnoses, etc.

Today, I’m going to be a little more emotional, a little more opinionated than I usually am in my writing, because frankly, the fact that we live in the year 2021, and people are still believing some of the nonsense that is being spread out there, it really angers me. I feel anger towards the people spreading that stuff, and I feel angry towards people for so blindly believing it, because honestly, even people lacking exceptional intelligence should have the common sense to know that medically reviewed information is the only trustworthy information when it comes to their health.

I am going to call out a few sources of nonsense, today, just to exemplify how hazardous it is to not be selective with the diagnoses you accept. I make no apologies for calling me things out, so if my doing so upset you, then you are definitely someone who should be reading this!

The essential oil fad…

This is the most contemporary, prevalent example of people not taking their health the right kind of serious. There are so many people out there claiming that essential oils can prevent illness, cure ailments, remedy diseases and infections, and improve overall vigor… They can’t do any of this.

Honestly, other than maybe a certain selection of them being okay for topical care, working as pest repellents, or as potpourri/odor prevention, essential oils can’t do a darn thing at all. If you can say that they can do anything, it would be to poison you, as people continue to consume essential oils extracted from toxic sources such as cedar, nightshade and various other herbs that you shouldn’t actually be putting in your body.

Even the most benign ones can actually do harm and directly. People accept diagnoses of a general feeling of being unwell, from people not qualified to do so, and then said sources of these diagnoses tell them to use essential oils. This whole time, the actual illness is going undiagnosed, doing more damage and potentially being an un-treated, un-spotted fatal issue.

Faith healing…

Okay, I am not actually going to badmouth anyone’s beliefs, and I am not going to say that you can’t include faith in your recovery, but it should only be a secondary supplement alongside actual medical treatment and diagnoses.

However, I’m not singling out people who simply involve faith in the recovery process, those intelligent people who know that a doctor should also be involved. No, I am talking about people who fall for those charlatans they claim to be able to invoke mystical powers bestowed upon them from deities, and who can lay on their hands and heal. Just like with essential oils, people feel unwell, they go see these faith healers, who tell them they know what is wrong with them, and that they can make it go away. The power of the mental placebo effect is strong, and they may think that their feeling of being unwell is gone.

Meanwhile, whatever is making them feel unwell is going undiagnosed by proper medically reviewed information, meaning that, like the previous example, they can be suffering from a serious illness that, left untreated, could even kill them.

This sort of misinformation and blindly believing of people who have no academic nor peer-reviewed background to support their claims simply must stop!

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