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6 Tips for Receiving the Highest Compensation for Your Car Accident

Most people assume they’ll never be in a car accident, but they happen more than you’d think. In fact, there are around six million car crashes in the United States each year, ranging from minor bumps to fatal crashes. If you were in a car accident that was the fault of another, make sure you receive the highest compensation possible by following these six tips.  

1: Dial 911  

The first step, of course, is to dial 911. The ambulance will provide the medical assistance you need, while the police will take statements about what happened, so be prepared to tell them exactly what happened and stick to simple facts, as the statements you give now will play a part in your case later. The medical attention you receive will also come in handy, so accept all treatments made available to you at the time, even if you feel fine. The medical notes will prove that you sustained any injuries in the car accident and not elsewhere before or after.  

2: Check Your Car  

If you were in the driving seat, you need to assess the damage to your car. In the minor cases, you might be able to drive home, but otherwise, you’ll need to get it towed and fixed before it’s in your possession again (if it can be). If there is a lot of damage, the chances are you’ll receive a higher settlement, so take note of all repairs and replacements needed.  

3: Exchange Information  

There are several people you will need to pass information onto – the police, the medical crew, and the other car driver. When speaking to any of these people, you mustn’t point blame, even if you know the other person was the one at fault. Instead, relay facts as accurately as possible and exchange names, numbers, and insurers, as this will be able to help your lawyer.  

4: Find the Best Law Firm   

Filing a claim will help give you the compensation you deserve if the other driver was at fault. Whether they were on their phone, drinking, or simply not looking where they were going, hiring a personal injury lawyer means you will get the best advice on your side. You can find the best personal injury law firm by going to Tamma Law Firm, where you will receive expert advice and a higher chance of a fair settlement.   

5: Gather Evidence 

To aid your claim, you should gather as much evidence as you can. This includes pictures, eyewitness accounts, and medical records. Even if you do not think a piece of information about the collision is important to your claim, keep it just in case. A journal is also for both yourself and your personal injury lawyer, as it will help keep the facts clear.  

6: Let Your Lawyer do the Talking 

As much as you may wish to speak to the other driver or insurers, you must avoid doing this to prevent messing with your case. Instead, let the lawyers you hired do the work, and if you have any information about your claim, speak to them first.  

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