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4 Ways to Perfect a Comfortable Yet Cute Wardrobe

Whoever said “pain is beauty” seriously has it all wrong. Women are led to believe that in order to look and feel beautiful, they’re forced into wearing skin-tight clothing and unnaturally pointy shoes. We couldn’t disagree more!

Today’s post is all about saying buh-bye to clothing that makes up feel cramped, claustrophobic, or miserable in one way or another. We’re going to show you how you can complete your wardrobe with pieces that are comfortable, cute, and stylish to boot. Wear ‘em to work or for a night on the town when you want to look and feel like a million bucks.

*90s Mom Jeans

If you’ve ever sat at a desk all day with the button on your skinny jeans digging into your waistline, you know all too well how frustrating and distracting the feeling can be. Come lunch time, we might even be tempted into searching for a button expander that can alleviate the discomfort and allow us to work in peace.

Rather than cursing yourself for a few too many potato chips or too little time at the gym, why not consider wearing pants that comfortably fit your body? You don’t need to fear ripping your jeans any time you bend over or blame yourself when they do tear—that style of pants is purposely designed to be extremely tight and restrictive.

Rediscover your mobility in your legs by wearing looser-fitting denim that comfortably hug your legs rather than squeezing them like a boa constrictor. Heralded as the quintessential Mom Jean, this vintage look is back in style from the 90s and here to stay for good.

Rather than Boyfriend Jeans that hang low and lend a boxy, unflattering fit, Mom Jeans are high-waisted and do a great job at accentuating your backside. We’re all for building a flattering wardrobe, so long as it looks as good as it feels.

*Relaxed Boho Vibes

Obsessed with dresses, but tired of corset-like bodices impacting your ability to breathe? Ditch the skin-tight pencil skirts and back zipper enclosures for a more relaxed, romantic look like the fabulous dresses available at Buddy Love.

You can still look wonderfully womanly and rock feminine fashion without framing your figure in fabric that’s excessively form-fitting. There are all sorts of stylish brands that are with us on the comfort-game and offer cute and comfy boho dresses that can be worn in all different settings.

Pair a neutral dress with black leggings and leopard flats for a trendy look at the office, or wear it with wedges and a panama hat to brunch for an adorable Sunday ensemble. 

*An Edgy Ensemble

Maybe you’re less interested in the flowy, ethereal vibe and more into street-ready style that’s bound to turn heads as you strut across the urban streets of downtown. If that’s the case, you’re in for good news: the industry’s trend-setters are all about breaking the mold in every way possible, which means you can take a look at your wardrobe as-is and get inspired by ways to pair your coziest garments.

Don’t believe us? Try this combo on for size: an extra-large hoodie that slouches in all the best ways; crisp, white tube socks; and strappy platform sandals. Yes, this is actually a look we see plenty of around the streets of L.A. and N.Y. Could it get any more comfortable?! Remember, this type of trend evolved from the streets, not the studios—so if you want to go for the half-homeless aesthetic, you totally can.

Thrift around for soft but silly, bright but breezy items and be sure to amp up your accessories for that added touch of flare.

*Stylish and Sporty

Last but not least, this list would not be complete without mentioning the well-loved leggings we all wish we could live in. And it’s absolutely possible! But there are some general rules of thumb to make sure you look on-trend rather than on-time for yoga or late rolling out of bed.

Pair your leggings with a cropped denim jacket and sharp adidas shoes for a polished, sporty look. Or, wear them beneath a dress with a Chelsea boot for relaxed, romantic aesthetic.

What’s your favorite way to slay while feeling comfortable all-day? Share your top tips in the comments below!


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