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10 Things You Need to Prepare For Boat Travel

Everyone needs a boat trip at least once in their life. Make sure you’re prepared for boat travel with our handy packing list.

Did you know that nearly 26 million global cruise passengers traveled the oceans in 2017 alone? This is an increase of nearly 5% from the previous year and it’s expected that these numbers will go even higher in the upcoming years. That’s because many people like to travel on a boat during their vacation.

But if you want to embark on a ship and leave for a couple of weeks, what do you need to pack for boat travel? Do you have a list of things to take on a trip? If you haven’t thought of this before, make sure that you read this article to learn what to pack for a cruise trip.

1. Sunglasses And Sun Lotions

You need to be protected against the dangerous UV rays at all times, so make sure that you bring enough sunscreen to cover your skin. Your sunglasses and sun lotion shouldn’t be left out from your bag as well as a white hat to cover your head. When you’re outdoors in broad daylight, you might want to wear light-colored clothes because these will deflect most sunlight, allowing you to remain cool.

2. Two Or More Bathing Suits

It’s always better to have more bathing suits than wearing a wet one because it didn’t have enough time to dry out from the day before. Most people go for two bathing suits, but you can also pack three if you want. Having more bathing suits also helps you look different every day.

Apart from bathing suits, make sure that you also pack cover-ups. If your cruise is stationed in a dock for a day, you might want to visit the place and go to a restaurant or shopping mall. The owners of these establishments don’t let people enter in bathing suits, so having cover-ups and a pair of casual shoes can save the day.

3. Society Games For Entertainment Purposes

Granted, there might be a lot of entertainment options on your ship, but you can come up with your own too. For example, most people bring a deck of cards, rummy or other social games to play with friends and family members. These games are portable and you can use them almost everywhere, whether on your ship after you charter a boat or on the beach.

4. Don’t Forget About Medicine

You might be able to procure some pills directly from the ship, but what if they don’t have the ones that you need? Ideally, you might want to bring your own painkillers or pills for headaches and motion sickness. It’s probably a good idea to also have something for an upset stomach, especially if you know you have trouble digesting different types of foods.

5. Bring Formal Attire

Since the entertainment options on your cruise are plenty and varied, chances are that you might need to attend different types of parties. In this case, you need to look elegant and you should dress accordingly.

Women can wear a formal nightdress with a pair of heels and maybe some accessories such as jewelry items and/or a scarf. Men can wear a buttoned-up shirt, a tie, black pants, and dress shoes.

6. Don’t Forget Your Gadgets

Although you should use this opportunity to spend a lot of time with your friends and family members while on the ship, make sure that you don’t forget about your personal hobbies. For example, you should bring your MP3 player with you to listen to music whenever you feel like.

You might also want to bring your e-book reader, especially if you’re very passionate about reading. These gadgets are useless without chargers, so make sure that you bring them too as well as power outlet adapters. If your phone runs out of juice very quickly, make sure that you pack a power bank too, so you have sufficient battery to snap photos and share them with your friends.

7. Bring Your Backpack Or a Beach Tote

It’s easy to carry everything with you if you have a backpack or a beach tote. These accessories can also complement your image, not to mention that they can help you carry your sunscreen, water bottle, video recorder as well as your flip-flops while you’re on the beach.

8. Bring Your Own Toiletries

You’ll find complimentary toiletries on most ocean liners, but this doesn’t mean that they might be compatible with your hair or skin type. It’s best to bring your own cosmetic products and toiletries such as shampoo, hair conditioner, moisturizer, and even soap. Don’t forget to also bring plenty of towels since you’ll need them for the beach or after you take a shower in your room.

9. Have Fun With An Underwater Camera

Especially if you like to dive into the water and explore the aquatic life, maybe you can spice things a bit with an underwater camera. These gadgets are not that expensive and they allow you to snap gorgeous pictures of fish and plants. Keep in mind that there are rare occasions when you can scuba dive and come home with a picture of a weird fish, so you might want to take advantage of these moments.

10. Your IDs and Documents

Maybe your personal documents should be your top priority and place them in your bag before everything else. For example, you’ll need your personal ID, passport, cruise ship ticket, and other documents that allow you to have a stress-free experience. You might also want to bring cash, just in case you want to tip a very polite waiter.

Now You Know What To Pack For Boat Travel!

As you can see, there are many things that you should bring before you depart on boat travel, especially if you’re leaving for two or more weeks. Remember to make a list and check the items as you place them in your bag, so you don’t forget anything.

For more useful information on how to prepare for an upcoming vacation, what to pack, and what destinations to see next, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website!

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