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Top Tips for Building Up a Flattering Wardrobe

No body is the same. We each come in different sizes, heights, and shapes. It is a mistake to assume that, just because your body doesn’t look like the women up on billboards, there is something wrong with you. Comparison is the enemy of self-confidence, especially when you can look positively stunning at any size or shape! You just need to have a wardrobe that compliments who you are, and one which you feel completely and utterly confident and happy wearing. To help you build up a wardrobe that flatters your body, you will want to follow these top tips:

Understand Your Body Shape

The first step to building a flattering wardrobe is to be honest about your body shape and know tips and tricks on how to style clothes to your unique figure. Depending on your options, you might want to buy clothes and later get them tailored to you.

Learn the Basics of Fabric and How it Drapes

Fabrics are very important when choosing clothes. Always look at the label before you buy anything, as what it is made of dictates how it will look on you in the future. Some fabrics are very poor in quality and are likely to stretch out and lose their shape. By knowing the material, you know if it will work with your lifestyle and, most importantly, last.

De-Cluttering Your Closet

Knowing those basics, it is now time to de-clutter your wardrobe. What you don’t love and don’t wear is only holding you back from true style bliss. Sort through all the clothes you have. Put things you love and often wear in one pile. Things you love but don’t often wear in another, and items that you haven’t worn in years, are not in the best condition, or simply don’t fit in a third. Your first and second pile can go back in your wardrobe, whereas the third should either be recycled into scraps, sold on, or donated depending on their quality.

Tips for When Buying New

When buying new, you want to shop smarter:

1.    Choose The Right Stores

It is essential to choose the right stores when building up a flattering wardrobe. Fast fashion is rarely flattering to anyone except those who have a very specific body shape, and even then the clothes themselves don’t often last that long. That is why you need to find stores that suit your needs. If you are curvy, for example, then chances are you won’t have a lot of luck shopping in the larger sizes at the big name brands. These clothes are scaled up, rather than shaped to flatter you best. Instead, visit stores like – either instore at their Hemel Hempstead location or by email.

2.    Give Yourself 48 Hours

To ensure you love a piece, wait 48 hours before buying after initially seeing it or trying it on. If on sale, ask yourself if you would buy it at full price (unless you are taking a chance on a new style).

Forget how other people look in clothes. The only thing that matters when styling and creating your wardrobe is that the clothes in question fit you perfectly and make you love yourself from head to toe.

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