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4 Dinnertime Tips for Busy Parents

Today’s parents carry the world on their shoulders. The majority of them work full-time jobs only to come home to a house full of hungry kids. Despite being exhausted and just wanting to spend some quiet time with their families, they have to get creative in the kitchen and whip up something that everyone will enjoy – fussy eaters included. 

Does this scenario sound all too familiar? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this difficult. Here are some dinnertime tips for busy parents that are guaranteed to make life easier – and tastier – immediately.

Let someone else do the cooking for you 

No, this doesn’t mean takeout. How about considering ordering your weeknight meals from a reputable meal prep company that specializes in healthy meals sent to your home? There are many of these companies out there, some of which cater to a wide array of dietary requirements and preferences, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and so on. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to quickly warm up a healthy, delicious meal rather than slaving over the stove for an hour? All free from guilt because you know that only the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients have been used? It’s the ultimate solution. 

Turn cooking into a bonding exercise 

Instead of hiding away in the kitchen when you could be spending time with your kids, why not get them involved in the meal prep and cooking process too? Obviously, how old your children are will dictate just how involved they can get. Even so, children as young as two years old can still play a part in the fun. For example, they could shake in some spices or help you choose which vegetables to add. 

Use the weekends for cooking ahead of time

Countless moms and dads from around the globe opt to meal prep ahead of time to save the stress and worry of having to make dinners during the week. By making up a week’s worth of meals over the weekend and freezing them, you will be able to relax when you come home from work and yet still enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones. It takes quite a lot of discipline to keep this setup going, but it is definitely worth the effort in the end. 

Create do-it-yourself meals 

If your main concern as a parent is feeding a fussy eater (or two, or three!), a clever way to make your life easier and ensure that all of those little tummies get filled is to make strategic, do-it-yourself meals. For example, make a generic pasta sauce and cook an array of other ingredients that can be added to it separately. Each child can then decide for themselves what they want to eat. You can do the same thing with pizza toppings and taco or wrap fillings. Any ingredients that you don’t use can be frozen for next time. 

Here’s to happier, healthier dinnertimes and less stress for everyone going forward.  

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  • Edna Williams

    Today’s dinnertime is often not conducive to quality family time, so these tips are quite nice! Thanks for sharing!

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