Healthy Products to Add to Your Daily Routine

If you’re looking for a way to lead a happier, healthier life, it seems like there’s an unending barrage of products offering to make your life simpler and more healthful. However, not everything is truly going to help you be healthy just because you spend the money on it. 

That said, there are still a variety of helpful products on the market that can help you be healthier. Here are a few healthy products to consider adding to your daily routine if you want to feel energized and maybe shed a few pounds, too.

Swap Cigarettes for Something Healthier

Now’s the time to kick your bad habits and start the journey towards a healthier you! If you currently smoke tobacco, Plain Jane’s hemp flower and CBD-infused products may be a welcome substitution for traditional cigarettes. With their pre-rolled hemp cigarettes, you get a low-odor, nicotine-free cigarette to smoke, thanks to the way the hemp is processed. This makes for a much healthier product than smoking tobacco on a daily basis.

Take a Daily Vitamin

Speaking of a daily basis, vitamins are an important part of any wellness regimen, but are you taking the right kind? GEM daily vitamins offer a completely unique take on the “morning vitamin,” offering chewable, plant-based whole food vitamins instead of overly processed pills. 

Instead of just taking one in the morning and throwing back some water, with a whole food vitamin, you take a bite throughout the day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night. Each bite gives you more than fifteen essential vitamins and minerals, making GEM ideal for someone looking to up their vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis.

Meditate and Track Progress

Meditation has long been linked with a variety of mental and physical health benefits. From reducing stress and inflammatory pain to helping people focus better, meditation is a great habit to get into as part of your daily routine. 

While it may seem strange to meditate using an app, there is a wide range of apps offering guided meditations with a variety of approaches. Part of sticking with meditation involves finding a form of meditating that works for you, so check out a few different styles as you work to figure out which will be best for you and your routine.

Drink Homemade Juice

Have you heard about the celery juice craze? Health experts around the world are recommending a glass of celery juice each day, thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and low caloric value. Beyond these benefits, celery juice also helps lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and even fight infections. 

It’s recommended that you drink celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, so look into buying a juicer and some organic celery and add this healthy tonic to your daily routine.

Track the Water You Drink

Most people in the world are dehydrated, and this can cause all kinds of adverse effects. From retaining extra water weight to reducing your energy and mental clarity, a lack of water can be detrimental to performance in all areas of life. That being said, it can be difficult to build a new habit, particularly when it comes to drinking more water each day. 

One way to address this issue is to buy a Hidrate Spark water bottle. This Bluetooth water bottle connects to your smartphone and flashes a glowing indicator when you need to drink more water. These gentle reminders make it easier than ever to stay hydrated and start leading a healthier life.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I really like the ideas of water tracking and meditation. I’m not sure I could drink celery juice, lol, but maybe if I doctored it up with added berries.

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