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Secrets for Making the Best Microwave Popcorn

Who doesn’t love a movie night? 

Add to it the delicious smell of popcorn…

Now you might be thinking that the easiest thing to make in the entire world is a bowl of popcorn. Although true, some secrets could turn any batch of popcorn kernels into the best microwave popcorn on the planet. Not kidding! 

So, if you’re planning to cozy up this winter to ‘Netflix and chill,’ these secrets could give you a bowl of fat-free popcorn, any time of the day. An added benefit, you won’t add on any holiday weight. 

Let’s begin…

Homemade popcorn is very easy to make. You need to begin by buying loads of popcorn kernels from the market – buy in bulk, that way, they’re more affordable. To ensure you get the best microwave popcorn, buy different flavors, and try them all. You can’t have an opinion unless you’ve sat through a bag of caramel popcorn. 

Secret 1

Returning to the secret! Once you’re home with your bag(s) of kernels, pour out enough to fill ⅓ cup. The reason for only using one-third cup of seeds is that they’re the ideal blend of popped kernels and a few unpopped ones. Place these kernels in a doggy-bag. If you can’t find a bag, you can use a bowl and a plate. 

Secret 2

Now, before you put the bag or bowl inside the microwave. Take a cup of water, place it on the tray, and microwave it for about one minute. This will provide a humid environment, making it easier for the kernels to pop. 

Secret 3

Once the microwave is ready, take the bag, fold it twice, and place the folded side down on the tray. You want to do this because if you don’t, the packet may fall in some random direction and may not rotate properly. If you’re using a bowl and plate, ensure the dish is covered correctly. 


Also, never use the popcorn button on the microwave as most come with preset timers. These timers take no note of humidity or burnt kernels. The best microwave popcorn tends to come with this specific warning. So beware! 

Secret 4

After you’ve placed the kernels inside the microwave, cook the seeds for about 2 minutes 30 seconds. However, don’t walk away as you would need to hear popping sounds to ensure your popcorn doesn’t get scorched. Listening for the popping sound is important because a lot of microwaves vary with regards to wattages, so some might only need 2 minutes. 

Secret 5

The easiest way to make microwave popcorn is to stop when there’s about 1-2 seconds gap between each pop. However, if you’re worried you won’t be able to tell when the popcorn is done, you can use an app called ‘Perfect Pop.’ This app listens to the sound and informs you when to stop popping.  It’s easy to use and is frankly super cute. 

Get ready to ‘Netflix & Chill’

So, there you go. Remember these secrets to make a bag full of mouth-watering popcorn every single time. Just grab a few kernels, add a few condiments, and your good! A perfect recipe for all binge-watching scenes. 

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