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5 Fun Games for Your Dog To Keep Them Busy and Happy

Dogs are just like us. Sometimes, they need to kick back and relax with some fun games. While they love going outdoors and playing fetch or sniffing out hidden treats, dogs also enjoy indoor activities that let them use their natural instincts and intellect. Dog games are a great way to keep your pet active while giving them something mentally stimulating to do. Whether you have a small apartment or an expansive house, a perfect dog game is waiting for you and your pup. These games will help keep them active while strengthening your bond as friends. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to set up for indoor days or want some challenging puzzles for those long winter nights, we’ve got you covered!

Scent Games

Scent games let your dog experience a new challenge while using their natural hunting instincts. Whether playing with a scented toy or making a homemade scent trail, these fun games will keep your pet engaged while exercising their brain. These activities are also great because they can be adapted to suit your dog’s interest level. If your pup is not into sniffing out scents, other scent games can stimulate their brain while still using their innate drive. For example, you can use scented toys to play fetch. The fragrances your dog loves can be made into balls and thrown for your pet to bring back to you. Both options offer your dog an easy way to engage with the scents they love and get the mental stimulation they need.

Agility Fun

Agility courses are a great way to give your dog an intense workout while giving them something to do mentally. Setting up an agility course around the house is a great way to get your pet moving and playing. As your pet improves, you can start small and build up to more significant challenges. If you have a roomy backyard, you can build a permanent agility course to keep your pup active year-round. If you live in a smaller space, many DIY tutorials online show you how to set up a temporary agility course on various pieces of furniture. Plus, if your dog enjoys this, you can sign up for a dog registry to enable you to take part in breed-specific competitions.

Activity toys and Feeders

Activity toys are a great choice if you’re looking for a quick game to keep your dog busy while you do some house cleaning. Most pet stores have a wide selection of toys stuffed with food. These toys are great if you want your dog to slow down during mealtime. They are also an excellent way to keep your dog entertained while cleaning the house or cooking dinner. If you want to go beyond food-stuffed toys, you can do your own puzzles to keep your pet challenged and interested. If your dog is a chewer, you might need to use sturdy equipment or cardboard, which they can destroy during play.

Scatter Feeding

If you want to give your dog a puzzle to solve that’s easy to set up and take down, scatter feeding is an excellent option. This game is great for pups that get bored quickly when they have too much unstructured time. You can scatter feed at any time of day, so your dog will always have something to stimulate and challenge them. 

Scatter feeding is when you place your dog’s kibble and treats in different areas around the house. This simple trick will keep your pet busy looking for their food and give them the mental stimulation they need. This can be done in small areas or throughout the entire house. If you have a medium to large dog, you may want to confine their food to one or two rooms to avoid a mess or have them help you pick up after themselves!

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