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4 Beauty Hacks That Will Turbocharge Any First Date

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You might be strangers, you might have known each other for years – it doesn’t matter because a first date is always nerve-racking. Men and women tend to overthink and complicate matters when all you want to do is to make an incredible first impression. Poetically, if you could tame your nerves, you’d both get along like a house on fire. As it is, you need to ease your anxiety before the clock strikes seven and you need to leave. 

Thankfully, women can lean on their makeup. After all, to look good is to feel good, and feeling happy on the inside and outside will relieve your tension. Carry on reading to learn more.

Don’t Do Anything Dramatic

Pre-date nerves can make you do silly things, such as emptying out your cosmetics bag and losing your mind. In your head, there is nothing in there that can help you, so you’ve decided to go for an entirely different style. There are two reasons you shouldn’t do anything too drastic before a first date. Firstly, you might not like how it looks and you’ll feel worse. Secondly, he loves you the way you are, which is why he wanted the date as much as you did!

Avoid Facials

Facials are excellent ways to appear youthful and refreshed. Still, there’s a time limit that you should consider regarding a first date. As a rule, it’s best to schedule an appointment for a couple of days prior to meeting your dream boat in case of breakouts. Sadly, it’s not unusual for a facial to encourage small spots and pimples to appear out of nowhere, leaving you with an even bigger problem. Booking a facial for a midweek time slot should allow your skin to settle by your date on Friday or Saturday night.

Supercharge Your Eyes

With makeup, it’s tempting to assume that you can highlight every feature. This isn’t true. Mostly, makeup is best used to showcase the features that you love, such as your lips and eyes. The latter is always worth prepping and supercharging where necessary because you’ll spend plenty of time making eye contact. Therefore, colored gel eyeliner – Set the Tone and Sephora are fantastic choices – will make them pop to the point where he won’t be able to stop staring. You can add eye drops to ensure they sparkle, too. Cosmopolitan recommends EyeDew Dazzling Blue, but there are tons to choose from.

Cool It With The Perfume

Nerves manifest themselves in weird ways. A common one is for you to press down on the perfume bottle dispenser too hard. Suddenly, you smell as if you’re trying too hard, and it’s not as if you can jump in the shower and start again if it’s nearly time to leave. The smart choice is to go easy with your perfume of choice. That way, you can put on more if you think the base layer is too light. Also, don’t forget to take it with you and top up throughout the night if it loses its fragrance.

When it was last week or last year, how do you get your makeup ready for a first date?

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  • tat2gurlzrock

    These are great tips. I have been with my guy almost 9 years so the first date was a long time ago.

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