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When to DIY when it Comes to Electrical Problems

So the lightbulb in your light fixture went out again, or perhaps your power keeps tripping, or a part of your house needs to be rewired. Regardless of the circumstance, we all experience electrical issues in our homes. As frustrating as it is to have these problems, sometimes it only adds to the frustration when you have to find an electrician and wait for them to come and fix it for you. Oftentimes, we can be tempted to channel our inner electrician and fix it ourselves. However, that’s not always a good idea. When handling certain electrical problems, attempting to fix it without the help of an Idaho Falls electrician can actually cause more damage, and perhaps end up in a higher bill than you would have if you had called an electrician in the first place! So when do you make the call to do it yourself?

When to Do it Yourself

The projects that fall under this category are considered simple electrical jobs. That being said, it is still important to have the right tools, equipment, and experience to undertake some of these tasks. A good rule of thumb is that, if it feels too daunting, confusing, or dangerous to attempt, it is best to call an electrician. Some of the DIY electrical jobs are:

*Replacing a light bulb

*Replacing a light switch

*Replacing a light fixture

*Replacing an electrical outlet

One important thing to remember when undertaking any of these jobs is to make sure to turn off your main power source and ensure all wires are firmly in place before turning it back on. Overlooking these important steps could result in an electrical fire. 

Replacing a Light Bulb

You may laugh at the idea that someone would call an Idaho Falls electrician to change a light bulb for them. I mean, it’s just a simple screwing motion! However, think about those lights in your fancy light fixture, or the ones that you can barely reach with your rickety ladder. For the most part, replacing a light bulb is something that you can reasonably do on your own. Once again, remember our rule of thumb, if the task proves too difficult for you (no shame here), it may be a good idea to call an electrician.

Replacing a Light Switch

Even if your old light switch is still functional, sometimes changing up the type of light switch you are using can add greatly to the environment of your home. When changing a light switch, simply write down the way the old switch was wired before disconnecting it, and then wire the new switch in the same way. 

Replacing a Light Fixture

Depending on your choice of light fixture, this process is generally fairly simple to complete by yourself. To start off, turn off the power to the old fixtures, expose the wiring, unscrew the black, white, and copper wires, then remove the old light fixture. You can replace it by connecting the wires of the new fixture to the existing wires and then secure the fixture. After you are finished you can turn the power on again to ensure the fixture is working.

Replacing an Electrical Outlet

Sometimes, it’s just time for an update with everything in your house, including your electrical outlets! Before changing it out, make sure that the power is turned off. Then you can unscrew the cover and pull it away. Unscrew the wires, and connect the appropriate wire colors to the new outlet, and then screw it back on.

When to Call an Electrician

There are a lot of electrical tasks you can DIY, but remember, if any of these tasks seem too confusing or dangerous to undertake yourself, there is no shame in calling for a professional Idaho Falls electrician to help ensure the safety of electrical repairs.

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