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Emptying out your makeup bag: how to overhaul your beauty supplies

We’ve all rummaged around our makeup bags only to find an open tube of lipstick that has decorated the lining or a battered old eye crayon that has turned gray with age. Sometimes it’s good for our beauty regimes to start anew and turf out all of our unloved makeup products. This will leave us with more room to replenish old products and invest in something we may not have tried before.

Tip out your makeup bag

Don’t just rustle through your endless eyeliners and eyeshadow pots: it’s recommended that you completely empty (and clean!) your makeup bag to find out what’s really lurking in there. By spreading it out on a table (not your bed; you may inadvertently stain your linen) you will get a real sense of just what you do and don’t have.

Chuck out old, unworn products

Be careful with old, unloved makeup; particularly if it’s going anywhere near your eyes. Unclean and unused makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria – not to mention all the other grit that may have fallen into it over time. Chucking out old makeup helps you to evaluate what you really use on a regular basis and what is being kept for that one time you might use it.

If you suspect something is dirty rather than truly past-it, then don’t be afraid to give it a bit of a wipe-down or clean – particularly when it comes to makeup brushes. In fact, you should be cleaning these frequently to prevent eye-infections and acne.

Get an accurate concealer and foundation

Many of us dread talking to assistants in the store, but sometimes it’s wise to get a little help when it comes to color-matching. If you absolutely can’t bear the thought of chatting to the staff, then try out some foundation colors on the back of your hand and take them outside or near some natural light. Trying them against your skin for the most natural tone is the best way to establish which product will suit your skin tone.

Buy a perfume you will actually wear

Unfortunately, many of our dressers and shelves are filled with unused Christmas presents or bottles of perfume from well-meaning relatives. When it comes to scent, it can be a very personal choice. Just like food, we have scents we hate, love and can’t get enough of. While some perfumes can certainly be pricey, you can find discount perfume for women at very reasonable prices online.

Hunt for quality, not price

Filling your makeup bag with useful items is about investing in quality, not expensive items. In fact, you’ll find excellent concealers and cream eyeshadows on the high-street with brilliant pigmentation for a fraction of the price of a luxury brand.

Overhauling your beauty supplies doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. In fact, tipping out your makeup bag can be revealing about what we spend far too much money on. Streamlining your makeup can leave you with room for some far more effective, less expensive products.


  • Christina A.

    It is honestly so easy to overbuy on beauty supplies that you don’t end up using–I’m really working on this by finding the best products for me and sticking with those same exact products each time.

  • Lynne B

    I dump out the makeup bag I keep in my purse every so often. Usually, it’s so I can switch out any or all of the 5 or 6 lippies!

  • Dee

    I really needed the motivation to do this. I’m embarrassed how old some of my makeup is because I don’t go anywhere to wear it!

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