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The Truth Regarding Chewing Gum And Your Teeth 

You get one set of adult teeth that need to last you a lifetime. For most people, these teeth are all present by the time you are 21. That means you have many years of looking after them in order to keep them into old age. 

Everyone knows that you need to brush for two minutes twice a day, floss once, and use mouthwash. Of course, regularly seeing a reputable dentist, such as this Erskineville dentist is also essential to deal with any issues quickly and effectively.  

But, what about chewing gum? The truth regarding whether it is good or bad for you depends on the type! 

Standard Chewing Gum 

Standard chewing gum comes in a huge variety of flavors and can be enjoyable to chew. You never swallow and so may think it has no calorific count to affect a diet. 

However, the truth is that standard chewing gum contains a lot of sugar. This sugar can contribute to your calorie intake, especially if you chew a lot of gum every day. 

But, the real issue is what the sugar does in your mouth. It reacts with bacteria that are already present, the byproduct is acid. This acid coats your teeth and starts to erode the tough outer enamel coating. Brushing helps to eliminate the acid. 

If your teeth are exposed to this acid for long periods of time then it will make holes in the enamel coating. This is the start of a cavity that will become worse over time. When bacteria enter the hole they can attack the inside of your tooth, potentially damaging the nerve and even the root.  

While a dentist can clean and fill the hole, if it is left untreated it can lead to an abscess and ultimately tooth loss! If you need a dentist, check out www.smilesofvabeach.com.

Sugar Free Chewing Gum 

The biggest difference with sugar free chewing gum is that there is no sugar to interact with bacteria and cause issues for your teeth. Simply switching to sugar free gum can dramatically reduce the risk of tooth decay, providing you adhere to standard oral hygiene practices. 

But, sugar free gum also offers an additional benefit. The act of chewing the gum causes your mouth to create more saliva. This is a good thing! 

Saliva is a natural substance that prevents your mouth from drying out. It is also effective at diluting the acid in your mouth and this reduces the risk of tooth damage. In short, chewing sugar free gum can help the health of your teeth and it makes your breath fresher! 

But, it is important to look at the gum packet first. You need sugar free gum that uses natural ingredients. If it uses food acids to help recreate the sweet flavour then these acids will also attack your enamel and the benefit of the gum is neutralized. In fact, your teeth will be at higher risk. 

In other words, chewing natural sugar free gum is beneficial, just make sure you choose the right one. 

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